An Educational Opportunity That Became Life Changing

By Cami Ortloff  Growing up, I was the kid who would rather play with plastic horses than dolls, and pleaded with my parents for a pony. Little did they know that this childish fantasy would mature into a passion and dedication to pursue a career in training horses. Through a fantastic educational opportunity, and the […]

Meet Libby Lyman

Horsemanship clinician, Libby Lyman, takes a rather unusual approach to reaching her students—geographically speaking. Where many clinicians make circuits around the country, or criss-cross North America in a hopscotch of clinic dates, Libby basically splits each year between Maine and California. The reasoning behind her marathon migration goes beyond the obvious summer/winter climatical challenges solved […]

Andy Knight Saddlery

A custom built western saddle crafted by a skilled saddle maker to your specifications is simply the Rolls Royce of tack…and the cat’s pajamas. These unique leather treasures reflect, and are as varied as, the customers who order them, the horses who sport them, and the artisans who devote their lives to the craft of […]

Remembering Mark Russell

Durham, CT—It is with deep regret that we inform the horse world that it has lost one of its bright stars. Much-loved author, trainer, and clinician, Mark Russell passed away from injuries sustained in a tragic riding accident at a clinic in Massachusetts on June 13, 2016. Mark’s inspiration for classical riding came from the […]

Understanding How Children Learn

When introducing children to horses it is important to leave them feeling safe, confident and excited for more.  However, understanding how children process information is often overlooked.  Children are sensory learners, so their learning styles are determined by which of the senses they are most likely to favor. The four sensory learning styles are: Visual […]

Comparable Parts No. 6 – Quit ribbing me!

Have you ever had anyone poke you in the ribs? Did you tell them to “quit it!” because it was painful or ticklish? Maybe you have learned how to stiffen your ribcage so that when your friend poked you it didn’t hurt. This is what I learned to do as a kid living with a […]

Horsemanship Clinic with Martin Black & Donnette Hicks

By Melanie Olmstead So Different – So Similar Martin Black and Donnette Hicks may come from different worlds, but ultimately they are united in the belief that,“good horsemanship is just good horsemanship.” Donnette Hicks was in her early twenties when Martin Black hired her as a cook on the Winecup Ranch.  The first morning she showed up to the cook house, she stood like a deer in headlights, frozen by the lack of understanding how to feed a large crew of hungry men. Martin showed […]

Paralysis To Paralympian Hopeful

Utah horsewoman, Lara Oles, not only subscribes to the Eclectic Horseman magazine, she is a pretty eclectic rider herself.  One weekend you may find her at an International dressage show in California on her Canadian Warmblood mare, Bella; another weekend she may be riding the rugged trails of Utah’s Uinta Mountains on her Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, […]