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Do you have a friend or family member who would enjoy Eclectic Horseman magazine?

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11 reviews for Gift Subscriptions

  1. rlanderson

    My husband and i hide the Eclectic Horseman from the other if we are 1st to the mail box so we can read it first, however, that said my husband reads and rereads them. He has them in order in a fairly stuffed magazine rack by his chair. He has shared information to others interested but not the magazine. We 1st subscribed at the last Californios roping in Reno In 2012 and have been learning from it ever since.

  2. gerryboris

    This is the gift that keeps on giving. There are sooo many wonderful articles in this magazine. It is a quality magazine from beginning to end. From Buck Brannaman, Wendy Murdoch, on and on. The information is current and deep in knowledge. A gift that last more than one day.

  3. mercygrey8

    I gave this magazine to an 11 year old youth that is very interested in horsemanship. I felt that this was the best information to start her with, and she really loves the subscription! I also have my own subscription, and I will be renewing. I only wish that it had more articles in it! Thank you.

  4. fuhrman_tyra22

    I wouldn’t hesitate to send a gift subscription to any of my horse friends! I’m confident they will pick up horsemanship skills along with a lot of other material offered in the magazine. I enjoy getting them and always look forward to the next issue! Most of the time the wait seems so long!

  5. cmzwgregory

    A great gift for any horseman or horsewoman at any level. Full of great information that covers all disciplines of riding. Very helpful and informative. Most magazines today are full of advertisements with little information. Eclectic Horseman is definitely NOT one of those magazines.

  6. gerryboris

    I gave a gift subscription to a dear friend last year for Christmas. She was over joyed with the magazine. It always feels great to give a gift that is so well loved.There are so many awesome articles in each issue.

  7. rwalt22

    I am close to retirement and interested in learning more about the technical aspects of riding since for over 50 years I have basically been a passenger rather than a communicative partner. After reading my first month’s edition of Eclectic Horseman I am hooked. Anxious to get back to the barn to see if I can translate this new knowledge into practice!

  8. rlskhorman

    I recently received my first issue of EH and I love the detailed techniques provided in the articles which help me better understand why the methods of training are effective, while being sensitive to the horse. The articles are informative, and I love sharing ‘lessons learned’ with my friends.

  9. mcgowan (verified owner)

    A great gift of techniques and wisdom for any horseman. Eclectic Horseman provides articles and access to information from experts that is not available just anywhere. Each edition is highly anticipated, and retained for future reference in my equestrian and horsemanship library.

  10. weepack2

    I enjoy giving EH gift subscriptions to friends because I can be confident that I am passing along good, solid information to my friends on so many different topics that benefit them and their horses. It’s also nice that they continue to receive the gift all year long.

  11. Kathleen Girgis

    A friend gave me a gift subscription to Eclectic Horseman about 10 years ago. I devoured the magazine. The gift subscription ran out so I’ve been paying for my own subscription…a gift to my horses and myself for the past 9 years. Living east of the Mississippi, EH magazine was the way I was introduced to many horsemen and women that knew and shared their better way with horses. I offer my EH issues to folks at my barn if they’re interested in a better way, but only if they promise to return the issues. Keep up the fantastic work!

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