Home Clinic with Bryan Neubert by Pat Gleeson

The Gang – Left to Right -Pat Gleeson, Curtis and Lee Vossler, Craig and Camille Reesor, Steve Haines, Greg Garvie, Jane Angeles, Patti Dunne and Bryan Neubert   “Let’s see what you got,” said in Bryan’s enthusiastic and inimitable style. Thus begins 5 days of an adventure discovering what you really have got at a […]

Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable – Martin Black Clinic Report

Story and photos by Kim Stone This article originally appeared in issue No.110 Crisp air, clear blue skies, brilliant gold, red, orange and yellow leaves cloaked the trees outlining the lush green pastures at Shinanatu Farm, in Brunswick, Maine. A buzz of excitement filled the air as participants from all over New England settled their […]

This is Why We Call It the Uh Oh Ranch By Cosette Moormans

This article originally appeared in Issue No.107 “This is why we call it the Uh Oh ranch!” I heard Mindy say with a laugh. I could appreciate the irony as my colt gave one last buck before deciding it was easier just to move forward off my legs. I still laugh thinking about it. Likely most […]

Bring Your Students to a Clinic by Kristin Jacob

This article is from issue No.109 I am a young professional based out of Longmont, Colo., and spend much of the year competing with my clients on the “A/AA” Hunter/Jumper circuit. Superficially my clients and I fit all the stereotypes: we ride around on imported, fancy warmbloods, wear our hair up in hairnets under our […]

For Visual Learners – The Horseman’s Gazette

The 50th issue of The Horseman’s Gazette is about to be released. Wait…what is The Horseman’s Gazette? You haven’t heard? No, it’s not a printed publication; it’s an ongoing video series focusing on the same practical, unembellished, and outstanding horsemanship, and presented by many of the same trusted horse folk, you find in Eclectic Horseman […]

Remembering Oreana Clinic 1975

This article originally appeared in issue #85 Subscribe today! In 1961, when Ray met Tom Dorrance and began his quest to “get it,” as he referred to his striving to understand Tom’s communication with his horses, the search was on to find new words and phrases not previously in common usage in the horse community. Pictured:  […]

2016 Wrangler Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping

“Last year was the third year, and each year seems to generate more spectators,” says Bill Reynolds about the annual Wrangler Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping held at the Santa Ynez Valley Equestrian Center in Santa Ynez, California—a unique roping competition he co-produces with the event’s namesake, Buck Brannaman. “It also seemed to energize the competitors who […]

The Fusion Show & Sale – 2016

Photo by Jennifer Dennison/Western Horseman The 2016 Wrangler Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping will for the second year in a row play host to the Fusion Show & Sale. Subtitled “Creativity Within Constraints,” Fusion is a western art/tack show. Custom-crafted pieces by skilled artisans are featured and reflect a central theme that will change each year. […]

The Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering 2016

This article originally appeared in issue #89 by Maddy Butcher photos by Mary Williams Hyde In the wide open space of the Golden Spike Event Center in Ogden, Utah, a quiet, little event is gathering steam each year. It’s the Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering, which last year brought Joe Wolter and Martin Black for a […]

Come Watch! Buck Brannaman’s Sheridan, Wyoming, Colt Starting

by Alicia Byberg-Landman photos by Nicole Poyo On June 5, 2015, the first annual Invitational Colt Start took place at the Houlihan Ranch in Sheridan, Wyo. In case you missed it in the past, mark your calendar for this year’s event scheduled for June 2-5, 2022. If you are interested in starting colts or helping […]

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