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A Rider’s SURVIVAL From TYRANNY by Charles de Kunffy

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" ' When I rode, the world cares, fears and hardships fell away. I found myself in a state of great emotional happiness and intellectual well-being.' … de Kunffy writes. I highly recommend de Kunffy's new book and commend him for the courage to write it." LISA CAMPBELL/National Sporting Library for The Chronicle of the Horse.

Charles de Kunffy retells the dramatic events of his privileged and turbulent young life. A European nobleman in the stormy years of World War II and the Hungarian Revolution persevered to become a prominent equestrian. During the Soviet occupation, de Kunffy finds a life-saving island of tranquility in the ancient art of classical horsemanship.

Fascinating accounts of his great mentors, ‘professor’ horses and remarkable characters are vividly described against an uncertain historical landscape. The author’s account of life under brutal tyranny, and the victorious survival of a civilized mind are a testament to a determined and sensitive spirit.

Tragic at times, funny at others, this true-life tale of travel through a rugged social landscape is graced with equestrian salvation.

Here's what people are saying:

“This is a thriller and an autobiography at the same time. The plot would be the right stuff for a Hollywood movie. Moreover this written monument tells us about a time, people, horses, and a culture which has fallen into oblivion nowadays. Charles de Kunffy’s noble, elegant style makes reading a pleasure. In my book “Milestones of Austrian Equestrian Art” (“Meilensteine österreichischer Reitkunst”) I also describe de Kunffy’s role as an ambassador of this classical art in the USA and the English speaking world. After having read “A Rider’s Survival from Tyranny” I appreciate his achievement for our equestrian culture even more. He and his teachers guaranteed the flow of tradition which otherwise could have easily been interrupted or even extinguished forever. Definitely highly recommendable!”
Dr. Werner POSCHARNIGG author of "Meilensteine österreichischer Reitkunst: Eine europäische Kulturgeschichte"

1 review for A Rider’s SURVIVAL From TYRANNY by Charles de Kunffy

  1. m-adams

    This story is so engrossing that it reads like a great novel, but it is a true life story of a living legend who survived the horrific occupation of Hungary during WWII. I could not put it down and it gave context to so many things about Mr. de Kunffy that are quite remarkable – as a teacher/educator, living treasure to horses, and as a human being that survived something we ‘modern’ Americans cannot imagine. Highly recommended – but even more highly recommended is attending one of his clinics to meet this amazing man in person.

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