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Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider DVD wins at EQUUS Film Festival


Durham, CT—Mouse Hole Farm Productions announces that their Advanced Equine Studies DVD Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider, Including the Anatomy of the Back, Medical Problems, and Therapies was awarded Best Training/Educational Program of 2016 at the EQUUS Film Festival held this past weekend in New York City. This makes two awards in two years for Advanced Equine Studies and Mouse Hole Farm Productions as their Horse’s Respiratory System DVD won in the same category in 2015.

Producer Andrea Steele says, “I was so honored to accept the award on behalf of our entire team at Advanced Equine Studies. The people behind the EQUUS Film Festival put the spotlight on equestrian films and video projects like ours annually in November. The festival attracts horse people from all over the world who come to highlight what they do. There are awards in an array of categories, including TV commercials, music videos, training/education DVDs, documentaries, and full-length feature films. The common thread is a celebration of the horse. It’s a fascinating event and an excellent opportunity to meet new colleagues.”

Steele says she produced the Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider DVD because buying a saddle is a daunting task for every rider. Advanced technology in saddle design has brought so many new products to the marketplace that most riders can’t process what the different design options mean for them and their horse—and buying the same saddle as your trainer or favorite professional rider uses is usually not the best plan. When you think about the cost of a saddle, watching this awarding-winning DVD makes good sense and will point even the most experienced rider in the right direction.

Saddle designer Ron Friedson teaches viewers how to narrow the vast array of saddles down to a limited number that will be appropriate for each horse and rider team. He provides specific criteria to take the mystery out of the decision-making process.

Dr. Wade Tenney of the Cummings Schools of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University discusses the anatomy of the back and explains the effects of poor saddle fit on back health. He further demonstrates ways to build your horse’s topline to better support the saddle.

Abigail Nemec, director of the equine program at Post University, and trainer Mark Rarick contribute their expertise, making Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider the success it has become.

What you learn in this 4-hour program:
• Disc One – The Saddle: Surveys the  myriad design options, explaining what each option means for the horse and the rider;
• Disc Two – The Rider: Explains criteria to choose the right saddle for your body and riding discipline;
• Disc Three – The Horse: Demonstrates fitting different body types and how the saddle’s design can minimize fitting issues;
• Also on Disc Three – Beneath the Saddle: Skeletal and muscular anatomy of the back, identifying pain and soreness, diagnosing medical problems, and demonstrating current therapies.

Buy this DVD from the Mercantile.

BUY NOW— This 4-hour 3-Disc Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider DVD set retails for $44.95 on www.AdvancedEquineStudies.com  and selected online retailers. Over the next few years Advanced Equine Studies will produce programs on all the horse’s bodily systems as well as other topics of interest. Steele says, “Our mission is to make learning about the horse at an advanced level fun to watch while providing college-level content. Our DVDs are used in colleges with equine degree programs and youth organizations all over the world. But we are careful to craft our programs to be accessible to riders and equine caregivers with any level of experience and any age (riders as young as 13 will learn from and enjoy our programs). Instead of watching a TV rerun, you can view our DVDs and receive a comprehensive learning experience on each topic.” She continues, “Advanced Equines Studies programming empowers everyone to be better horse people by making education affordable and available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

For more information and to view trailers on Advanced Equines Studies programming visit www.AdvancedEquineStudies.com .

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