Evidence-Based Horsemanship Seminar

Come explore Evidence-Based Horsemanship with Dr. Stephen Peters and Martin Black at their seminar hosted by Sage Creek Equestrian.  Dr. Peters, a neuroscientist and horse brain researcher, works in conjunction with renowned horseman and clinician Martin Black to share evidence-based horsemanship. Applying their scientific findings in the neural functioning of the horse’s brain to working […]

Bob King and Horse of the Sun Ranch

“We’re working with different groups of the military,” says Bob King, Managing Director of Operations at Horse of the Sun Ranch. “One of the groups we work with is Semper Fi Fund.” Horse of the Sun Ranch, is located in the foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains 45 miles east of San Diego, California. Bob and […]

Comparable Parts #10 The Lumbar’s Labor

Next time you ride you might consider the hero of weightbearing, your lumbar spine. This segment, between the thoracic vertebrae (associated with ribs) and sacrum (which is part of the pelvis) bears the weight of your body allowing you to sit quietly on your horse yet has enough flexibility to follow his motion. (Photo 1.) […]

Laurie Warren, Banjo the mule, and Harry Whitney’s clinics

Laurie Warren, owner of Warren’s Mule Training Center in Council, Idaho (www.muleteacher.com), takes a unique approach to her mule training business. Aside from working her clients’ mules at her home facility, Laurie also uses them as her “personal mounts” where they receive additional attention during frequent travels to a variety of destinations. The mules in […]

Comparable Parts #9 I met a carpal – The Cannon Bone

In Comparable Parts #7 Carpi Diem I discussed the comparison between your horse’s knee and your wrist. Both have 8 bones in two rows and in many ways are quite similar in the way they function. However as we proceed down below the wrist we find some significant differences between the horse and human skeleton. Below […]

Meet Artist Bonnie Renee Dawson

“Both for my photographs and my art work, I’ve been kind of that horse crazy kid since I was really little,” says Bonnie Renee Dawson. Bonnie is an artist and photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Her work often reflects a love of horses, the Californios traditions, and western culture. “In my immediate family I […]

Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider DVD wins at EQUUS Film Festival

Durham, CT—Mouse Hole Farm Productions announces that their Advanced Equine Studies DVD Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider, Including the Anatomy of the Back, Medical Problems, and Therapies was awarded Best Training/Educational Program of 2016 at the EQUUS Film Festival held this past weekend in New York City. This makes two awards in two years […]

Evidence-Based Horsemanship Seminars

EBH founders to bring their approach to three-day seminars in Colorado and Utah Horseman Martin Black and neuroscientist Dr. Stephen Peters, the coauthors and founders of Evidence-Based Horsemanship, are coming together for two different EBH seminars over the coming year. The pair’s first stop will be in Durango, Colorado Nov. 18-20, 2016. Next, they’ll head […]

Clinic Changes at Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering

Due to an unfortunate accident, Scott Grosskopf will be unable to conduct the clinic this year at the Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering. Scott will be ok and our prayers are with him. Joe Wolter and Dwight Hill will be stepping in to handle the clinic. The ranch roping clinic will be covering different ranch roping […]