The Art of Being Early by Tom Moates

From Issue 113 About the photo: Anna Bonnage putting one of the first rides on Sky during the colt starting clinic–this photo was taken as Harry Whitney shared the opening quote that prompted this essay. “Early and fast are different things.   If you are early, then you don’t have to be fast.” – Harry Whitney Horsemanship clinician […]

The lost chapter exclusive – a horsemanship time capsule from the vault!

Preface Here’s a rarity!  A previously unpublished chapter/essay from the vault.  This chapter was written in 2008; at the time I had just wrapped up A Horse’s Thought and had begun working on the book Between the Reins.  I’m not entirely sure why it didn’t make it into Between the Reins, or one of the […]

For Visual Learners – The Horseman’s Gazette

The 50th issue of The Horseman’s Gazette is about to be released. Wait…what is The Horseman’s Gazette? You haven’t heard? No, it’s not a printed publication; it’s an ongoing video series focusing on the same practical, unembellished, and outstanding horsemanship, and presented by many of the same trusted horse folk, you find in Eclectic Horseman […]

Horsemanship That Improves Humanmanship

“We mainly focus on horsemanship that improves humanmanship,” says Scott DePaolo. “I don’t believe that anybody needs to ride a horse anymore, but I do believe that horses can improve our lives, both in the way our relationships are with horses and also the way our relationships are with other people.” Scott manages Butte Creek […]

Tall in the Saddle – an Interview with Author and Artist Steve Johnson

“I’m not really a writer,” says Steve Johnson. It’s a odd statement coming from the author of three books, the latest being the newly released Tall in the Saddle. It is especially true when the new book garners such praise as horseman Buck Brannaman saying this about it: “Tall in the Saddle is a well-crafted story […]

A Revolutionary Way to Learn Anatomy – Build a horse from the inside-out with Jon Zahourek

For more information on Zahourek’s legendary 6-day equine workshops, March 21-29, 2020 in Denver, contact the Anatomy in Clay Centers or Register Today!   “The anatomy is indivisible from understanding your relationship with the horse, if you ask me,” says Jon Zahourek.  “And by approaching it so that human anatomy, your own body, is intimately involved […]

Fladland Demonstration at the FEI World Cup 2017

Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt will be honored this year in a unique way at a top international equestrian event. It is a gathering that may seem to be an unlikely venue for celebrating the work of two distinguished horsemen of the cowboy persuasion—the Longines FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) 2017 World Cup Jumping and World […]

Invitational Colt Starting – Legacy of Legends 2017 Event

The 2017 (seventh annual) Legacy of Legends will be held March 3 – 5 at the Will Rogers Event Center in Fort Worth, Texas. This year, the main attraction is an invitation-only colt starting demonstration. More than 30 participants have been invited to start young horses during the three-day event. “Ray’s favorite part of the […]

Bob King and Horse of the Sun Ranch

“We’re working with different groups of the military,” says Bob King, Managing Director of Operations at Horse of the Sun Ranch. “One of the groups we work with is Semper Fi Fund.” Horse of the Sun Ranch, is located in the foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains 45 miles east of San Diego, California. Bob and […]

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