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Welcome to the 53rd issue of The Horseman’s Gazette, a quarterly video-series that enables you to watch and learn from some of the most talented horsewomen and -men working with horses today.

Sometimes the task of becoming a better horseman can feel daunting. Fortunately with tools such as our video series you have the luxury of being able to watch and rewatch some of the most talented trainers and teachers on your schedule; as often as you’d like. We bring you the ultimate spectator experience of sitting on the fence rail and watching the best.

We hope that you use these lessons to help you develop your horsemanship skills at your own pace. Come along for the ride — you and your horse will be glad that you did!

• Preparing for Trail Obstacles – The Tarp with Amy LeSatz 12:55

Whether you are trail riding for pleasure or competition knowing that you are prepared for obstacles you may encounter will give you confidence. In this segment Amy LeSatz guides us how to prepare a horse to cross the tarp first from the ground and then under saddle. She highlights steps that you can take to prepare your tarp to keep your horse from having a bad experience.

• Understanding Vaquero Gear – The Hackamore – Tying Up and Tying On with Martin Black 10:31

The Vaquero style of riding and training horses can seem overwhelming especially if you aren’t familiar with the gear being used. In this segment Martin Black demonstrates how he would tie his hair metate onto the hackamore so that it is easy to size correctly. He also shows how he would tie his mecate up around his horse’s neck in case he needed to tie the horse up. 

• Ideas for Developing Refinement with Ty Evans 26:34

Tom Dorrance used to say that a mule is like a horse only more so. In that spirit we are thrilled to have our first segments featuring mules with instruction from Ty Evans. In this segment Ty demonstrates how to begin to develop refinement in a mule who is accustom to only being ridden on the trail. The goal being to help her be lighter in her body and softer in her mind.

• Colt Starting Project Part 2 with David Hillman and Gene Armstrong 1:14:09

Continuing from last issue, David Hillman and Gene Armstrong collaborate in a truly inspiring way to help a young horse who arrived to be started with some history. Watch this young horse start to make some pretty incredible changes in how she responds to being handled. Please enjoy this opportunity to experience what a joy it is to work with someone else to help find what’s best for the horse.

• Separating Two Married Horses with Bryan Neubert 16:18

If you have two horses that can think of nothing else than wanting to be together then it can make your ride challenging and sometimes dangerous. Though wanting to be connected is a natural choice for a horse to make, Bryan Neubert demonstrates how you might get a horse to start thinking about being on his own, or being with you as an alternative to being married to another horse.

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