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Welcome to the 58th issue of The Horseman’s Gazette, a quarterly video-series that enables you to watch and learn from some of the most talented instructors working with horses and riders today.

So, Come along for the ride — you and your horse will be glad that you did!

In this Issue:

  Softening a Horse by Going Through The Sides with Tom Curtin 19:51

Both Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt spoke about the idea of softening a horse through their sides. In this lesson Tom Curtin demonstrates how he asks a horse to engage and leave with their hind feet and without pulling down and in to round up and ask for softness. Starting with legs, feet and seat will help build a horse that engages without tension and brings a softness and harmony in your horse mentally.

• Taking Lateral Work Outside with Alice Trindle 30:44

Sometimes the choice between relaxed riding outside and focused riding in an arena might seem pretty black and white. In this lesson Alice Trindle shows you how you can practice your biomechanically sound lateral work outside of the arena in the big wide open. Perfect circles, shoulder in and half-pass posture in and around tall grasses and pine trees; enjoy the vision of accurate riding in the big outdoors.

  Bridling and Unbridling Details with Martin Black 8:05

It can be easy to focus on the task we are trying to achieve and loose track of how the horse feels about what we’re doing. Martin Black shares his bridling and unbridling procedure highlighting the areas where he often sees folks getting in trouble. Most bridling problems could be avoided if owners showed their horses more consideration when taking the bridle on and off.

• Making Adjustments on a Young Horse with Jim Hicks 30:44

Part of becoming a horseman is learning to make adjustments to each horse without losing sight of where you are heading. In this lesson with an enthusiastic young mare Jim Hicks guides us through his thought processes as adjusts her energy and approaches to introducing lateral work. Whether you have a young horse or a horse with some other variable; the lesson in adjustment is applicable to you.

• Colt Starting Ideas Part 1 with Ben Longwell 44:33

Troubled by hearing someone use the term “round pen” as a verb Ben Longwell showcases what he is looking for when working a colt in the round pen.  Beyond just hooking on Ben offers some ideas of how working your horse free can benefit you both in the years to come. He then moves on to saddling preparation and some groundwork on the end of the halter rope to continue advancing this young horse’s education. 


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