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Welcome to the 49th issue of The Horseman’s Gazette, a quarterly video-series that enables you to watch and learn from some of the most talented horsemen and -women working with horses today.

Education is the main objective of this video-series. Because we believe that it’s the little things that make a big difference; a change in expression, the length of a pause, the smoothness of a transition, these video segments are edited as little as possible to give you the whole picture of how each horse and rider progress.

Becoming a better horseman is a life-long process, and if you are serious about becoming the best you can be, now you can enjoy having access to some of the best resources in the horsemanship world.

So, Come along for the ride — you and your horse will be glad that you did!

A Soft Feel and the Counter Arc with Lee Smith 18:11
The soft feel is not simply a drill or a maneuver but it is essential for all movements we might ask of our horse. In this segment Lee offers some thoughts while she rides on the soft feel as a feel following a feel. She then demonstrates the counter-arc, guiding us thorough what she is asking and what she is feeling as she rides. Beyond just an exercise, her insight explores the feel and the purpose of these movements we ask of our horses.

Simple Check-Ins for Balance and Breath with Christina Savitsky 34:46
Riders who have had unexpected dismounts or fear issues in general can have moment patterns that make advancing in their riding difficult. In this segment Christina guides a rider through some simple check-ins to help her find balance in the saddle as well as a breathing exercise to help increase movement throughout the entire body.

Working a Younger Horse in-Hand and in the Saddle with Nahshon Cook 41:11
In this segment Nahshon demonstrates some of his approach to work in-hand with his your horse Dancer. An interesting approach to the use of various rein positions on the ground and how that then translates to the saddle. The work in-hand is an opportunity for you to check in and make sure that the horse is understanding the aids that you are giving and see if there is uncertainty with your aids that you may not be aware of from the saddle.

Groundwork with Jim Hicks 54:42
Groundwork is the foundation of our relationship with our horses in the saddle. In this segment Jim works a young inexperienced mare on the ground. In his thoughtful and methodical manner Jim presents several movements he’d like the mare to do; analyzing places that he feels could feel better and ways in which he’d address them. Jim connects the dots on how the movement, or lack thereof on the ground will translate to the quality of moment under saddle.