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Welcome to the 57th issue of The Horseman’s Gazette, a quarterly video-series that enables you to watch and learn from some of the most talented instructors working with horses and riders today.

Learning from talented clinicians and trainers has never been so easy! Pull up a seat and open your mind to adding new ideas and techniques to your skill set. We’ve found an incredible group of teachers who are ready to help you benefit from their experience so that you can make the gains you are wanting without as many “knowledge bumps”!

Becoming a better horseman is a life-long process, and if you are serious about becoming the best you can be, now you can enjoy having access to some of the best resources in the horsemanship world.

So, Come along for the ride — you and your horse will be glad that you did!

• Putting Energy into the Turn with Joe Wolter (20:17)

Joe Wolter shares an exercise that can help your horse learn to put more energy into his turns. In addition and perhaps more importantly Joe shares how he can develop his horse’s desire to want to put more energy into the turn and other things he may ask. 

   Backing with Feel with Tom Curtin (8:04)

Helping your horse learn to feel his way naturally through the back up can help him both physically and mentally. In this lesson horseman Tom Curtin guides you through helping your horse learn to back with softness and good timing so that the mechanics of backing can work.

• Crossing a Crick with Alice Trindle (12:02)

If you ride outside of the arena sooner or later you will find yourself on one side of a creek, (or crick as Alice Trindle likes to call them) and wanting to be on the other side. Whether your horse is afraid or just not as confident as he could be Alice offers some suggestions on how to prepare yourself to help your horse and a novel approach to entering the water. Having a strategy will help you feel more confident when you encounter this obstacle out in the big outdoors.

• Taking the Half-Pass into the Canter with Jim Hicks (29:37)

The half-pass is a movement that stumps many riders. Building on the prior lesson of half-pass at the trot Jim Hicks now takes the movement into the canter. The half-pass is a combination of several movements coming together with the right amount of feel and power so you as a rider can direct the energy to maintain the right shape and rhythm. Challenge accepted! Enjoy learning how to ride this movement.

• Saddling Preparation with Ben Longwell (24:29)

The first time you saddle a colt there can be a lot of anxiety from both horse and human. In this lesson Ben Longwell guides you through some things that you can do to prepare your colt before saddling. He works beyond just acceptance of the saddle but through a conversation with the horse develop a horse that is thoughtful and not reactive or shut down.


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