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Welcome to the 42nd issue of The Horseman’s Gazette, a quarterly video-series that enables you to watch and learn from some of the most talented horsemen and -women working with horses today.

Education is the main objective of this video-series. Because we believe that it’s the little things that make a big difference; a change in expression, the length of a pause, the smoothness of a transition, these video segments are edited as little as possible to give you the whole picture of how each horse and rider progress. 

Becoming a better horseman is a life-long process, and if you are serious about becoming the best you can be, now you can enjoy having access to some of the best resources in the horsemanship world.

So, Come along for the ride — you and your horse will be glad that you did!

Please enjoy a sneak preview!

Come Along for the Ride with Jim Hicks 50:42

Enjoy a narrated training ride with Jim Hicks. As the pair work through different exercises you can study the ride as a whole and watch as the horse makes progress. Jim puts together some of the lateral movements he’s addressed in other segments and combines them together in one ride as well as discussing the improvement of the gaits. By the end of the ride the horse will have made changes for the better in many areas without Jim being overly particular on any particular subject.

Helpful Horse Knots with David Hillman 13:48

Having a few handy and safety-conscious knots in your repertoire is a great asset. In this segment David Hillman demonstrates how to tie and the importance of several knots. Understanding why a knot is safer to use for you and your horse can prevent a wreck or injury for you both.

The Ambidextrous Rider Part 3 with Chris Sobenes 26:31

In this segment Chris Sobenes continues the idea of helping to create an ambidextrous rider. Whether you are an instructor looking for tips on helping  your students, or a rider who struggles with imbalances in yourself, these segments will give you some great ideas to become more balanced. In this portion Chris demonstrates ideas for creating balance in the saddle by moving the horse’s front- and hindquarters and guiding on a loose rein.

Backing Straight Exercise with Kristi Fredrickson 12:52

Developing straightness at the walk can be more of a challenge than working on straightness in other gaits. In this segment Kristi Fredrickson helps her students work on walking and backing straight lines using the arena fence as a gauge to measure their straightness. The other riders in the arena are also a draw, further testing the rider’s ability to keep their horses straight.