With 13-years of video instruction you can learn from skilled horsemen and -women on never-ending variety of topics ranging from colt starting, groundwork, dressage movements, jumping lessons, ranch roping, equitation, rider biomechanics, natural horsemanship and so much more!

Purchased issues are added to your Mercantile Account, you can watch anytime you are online and logged into your account. Issues are the same content that is available on DVD but now watchable on any device, phone, desktop computer, tablet or stream to your television.

Contributors include: Buck Brannaman, Bryan Neubert, Joe Wolter, Tom Curtin, Martin Black, Jim Hicks, Wendy Murdoch, Ellen Eckstein, Paul Dietz, Amelia Newcomb, Trevor Carter, Nahahon Cook, Christina Savitsky, David Hillman, Jeff O’Haco, Kristi Fredrickson, Alice Trindle, Lester Buckley, Dwight Hill, Peter Campbell, Lee Smith, Shane Brown, Buster McLaury, Kristin Jacob, Johanna Redmond, and Chris Sobenes.