Inside Eclectic Horseman Magazine

Eclectic Horseman Issue No. 132

A Dream Realized By Martha Newlin Kirkpatrick
A childhood horse dream is realized after retirement.

Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping Moves to Utah By Tom Moates
The annual “richest ranch roping in the world” will be held this year in a new location and earlier in the year. Check out the new details.

Going Deeper By Amy Skinner
A student can only get out of learning what they are open to.

Eyes in Your Fingertips – Feeling Your Horse’s Body With Meaning By Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Palpation is one way we can question our horse and get information directly from him. It is no less a part of horsemanship than the feel you get through your legs and seat when in the saddle.

A Feeling of Investment By Donnette Hicks
Some thoughts on evaluating the value of investing in a learning experience for you and your horse.

Decades of Horsemanship – Meet Charley Snell By Tom Moates
Charley has spent a lifetime working as a cowboy on ranches in the American West. These days he teaches horsemanship clinics in various states and at home at his place west of Redmond, Oregon, where he takes in horses for training.

Confirming Your Aids – Using Geometry By Alice Trindle
Accomplishing a complicated task or exercise can be made easier by the use of a diagram. Using physical reminders will help simplify a useful schooling pattern.

Reading Books Clear Through By Barney Nelson
Some thoughts on learning how to read a book in a new way from a 75-year-old retired college professor.

Tend to Those Spots By Tom Moates
What does it look like to recognize trouble spots in our horses and work on them before the trouble sets off big explosions.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset By Dr. Steve Peters
Thinking about why and how to protect your brain when you ride.