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Eclectic Horseman Issue No. 136

March/April 2024

Bucket Morals with Tom Curtin
Tom shares how he feeds a group of horses in a safe and controlled way and the lessons that the horses take from facilitating good behavior.

An Owner’s Guide to the Horse’s Foot- Part 2 Essential Connections
by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
To support horse owners learning as much about horse’s feet as possible for selecting a new horse or supporting their current one this series will be a thorough exploration.

Writing From The Range By Sonia M. Kudalsky
What does it mean to build a parternship with your horse when you are a range rider?

Getting Ready to Learn By Barney Nelson
The author ponders the horsemanship learning that takes place when you come home from a clinic.

The Next Paradigm Shifters – Jim Masterson By Katrina Hays
Ongoing series introducing horsemanship practitioners who are expanding boundaries.

Watching Grass Grow By Tom Moates
Pasture management can be a tricky business especially when the grass is stressed by drought and weather. Don Hijar educates horse owners on long-term pasture management.

Harmony in Dressage Essay By Donnette Hicks

Stall Cleaning Musings From Nahshon Cook

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