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Eclectic Horseman Issue No. 116

How to Avoid a Horse Mis-match—A Round Table with Buck Brannaman, Alicia Landman, Missy Fladland, Mindy Bower and Kristin Jacob By Tom Moates
Helpful hints and great advice on avoiding a new horse mismatch.

New Zealand Mecates
Story and Photos by Kerensa Clark
Artist Ilana Cheiban discusses her childhood love of horses and the path to her path of creating incredibly beautiful and unique twisted wool mecates.

Lesson Plans to Develop a Relationship – No. 1 of a Series By Alice Trindle
Alice Trindle has developed a set of exercises that build on the basics, to ultimately help horse and rider have effortless communication to accomplish many possible jobs and further the process of training and relationship building.

Feel — An Essay By Nahshon Cook
It’s really easy to forget that everything a horse does with people they’ve learned from people. When we get a horse whose been broken in some way, it’s important to realize that there are some hurts that we can’t heal. But, if we’re able to find the soft space inside of the resistance and we can work around it, then other people’s mistakes don’t really matter.

The Power of Intentional Horsemanship By Scott DePaolo
Many if not all of us would see our horsemanship as well as our lives go to a new level if we would learn to be more intentional in the things we do.

Watch Your Mouth By Kathleen Beckham
Your words matter is something we have all heard. And words do matter, they do now and they always have. Google it. They’ve done lots of studies on it, actually. I feel like words are kind of “everyman’s super power.” It’s kind of wild how powerful words are.