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Eclectic Horseman Issue No. 126

Disengaging the Hindquarters: A Round Table Discusssion with Buck Brannaman, Lester Buckley and Tom Curtin By Tom Moates
A roundtable conversation with three longtime horsemanship instructors on this common term and its meaning.

Pulling Back: Why and What to Do With It By Martin Black
Martin offers his insight as to why a horse might pull back and how he addresses this dangerous issue.

Lightness vs. Softness: What Is the Difference?
By Josh Nichol and Susan Kauffmann

Understanding how these two very important concepts differ is a key part of learning to develop what many great horsemen call “feel.”

Thanks to Those Who Host By Connie Crawford
This article is a thank-you to the folks who invite us to their farms for horse- manship clinics. We and our horses benefit from their generosity, hard work and organization.

A New Chapter With an Old Friend By Sue Chiverton
When a change of location brings changes in behavior Sue must rebuild their relationship.

What question is your horse asking? A conversation about Learned Helplessness between horseman Ronnie Scott and retired college professor, Barney Nelson, Ph.D