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Eclectic Horseman Issue No. 125

Dropping a Shoulder: Getting The Right Mental Picture By Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Revisiting her bogus ideas in horsemanship series Dr. Deb explores the phrase “dropping a shoulder” and what it does and does not mean.

Feeling What a Horse Needs Part 9 – Building a Foundation with Tom Curtin
Tom takes us through his thoughts and observations while working on the ground in preparation to ride.

Horses Understand Proof By Tom Moates
Horses are experiential learners.This puts us in what at first can seem like a dilemma—that we want our horses to like us and we want to be their safe havens, but to work on what gives them anxiety means to take them headlong into those worrisome situations.

On Overemployed Horses By Kathleen Beckham
There are lots of grown-up horses out there who have pretty poor foundations, or just not a lot of training, period.