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Eclectic Horseman Issue No. 135

January/February 2024

Ray Hunt Youth Clinic – Then And Now By Barney Nelson
The author had definite ideas about kids and what was to be expected when one of them climbed on a horse. Enjoy this clinic report from the 80s and a follow up with the “kids” today.

An Owner’s Guide to the Horse’s Foot- Part 1 Comparative Anatomy by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
To support horse owners learning as much about horse’s feet as possible for selecting a new horse or supporting their current one this series will be a thorough exploration.

If You Don’t Try Less By Tom Moates
“If you don’t try less you’ll never know if you had to do more.” Harry Whitney said at a clinic in Tennessee. The author reflects on how to live by these words of wisdom and incorporate them into his horsemanship.

One Mind, One Body By Jan Young
Have you ever been blessed to watch a horse and rider that appear to be one, that flow as one body? You know they are two separate bodies, but somehow they give you the illusion that they are one.

Stall Cleaning Musings from Nahshon Cook
Enjoy this eclectic offering from Nahshon, thoughts to ponder while you’re spending time with your horses.

Join the Conversation – Eclectic Classroom Offers Direct Access to Horsemanship Resources
What are students saying about the new learning modality from Eclectic Horseman? Hear their thoughts and see what classes are on the schedule.

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