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Eclectic Horseman Issue No. 121

Visits with Lester Buckley – Defining and Encouraging Straightness
By Tom Moates
Straightness is at the core of Lester’s riding; in this article he shares insight on why straightness is important and offers some ideas on how to develop it with your horse.

Legacy of Horsemanship – Some History Behind a Special Moment
By Milly Hunt Porter
Milly shares her memories surrounding the conversation that sparked the True Unity book and brings it full circle to watching her grandson, Wade Black, win the 2021 Road to the Horse event.

A Foundation Lasts a Lifetime: A Love Letter to the Basics By Kathleen Beckham
What happens when a horse gets a less thank great start. Kathleen examines her experience in working with such horses and how it shapes her view of “the basics.”

Feeling What a Horse Needs Part 7 By Tom Curtin
In this installment Tom demonstrates ways to get a horse ready to ride while working on the ground in a round pen.

Thoughts on Sidepulls & Bits By Tom Moates
Tom offers some thoughts on bits and sidepulls inspired by his own experience and Harry Whitney’s “Horse Skull Discussions” a thought provoking essay on the gear we use and why.

Inside Leg or Outside Leg? By Jan Young
Jan explores approaching the use of the leg aids in two very different ways.

Remembering Leslie Desmond – Obituary and Remembrance from Steve Dorrance