Eclectic Conversations – International Dispatches – Jana Šedová

Emily and Jana, with the help of translator Jitka caught up on each other’s lives and discussed their shared passion for horses. They examined the differences in horse culture and working styles between the Czech Republic and the United States, and shared personal anecdotes about their experiences of her time studying horsemanship in the United […]

Horse Conformation Volume 3 with Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

Rounding out our discussion on Dr. Deb on her masterful book collection! Volume III is the biggest of the set for a good reason: historically the limbs have been almost the sole focus of conformation judging. While Volumes I and II seek to correct this imbalance with extensive discussion of the conformation and function of […]

Eclectic Conversations – RX for People’s Purple Problems

At the age of 95 Milly Hunt Porter knows a thing or two about “Purple Problems.” Challenges of loneliness, loss, jealousy and so much more that can creep in as we age. In this charming gift sized volume Milly shares poems paired with bible verses selected by her friend Helen M. In this interview Milly […]

Horse Conformation Volume 2 with Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

Join us for a conversation that delves into the second volume of Dr. Deb’s fantastic  book set. This book contains the best of the world’s largest collection of conformation photos of horses belonging to people of ordinary means. Over 400 examples! Highly readable, this book is addressed to every horse owner and everyone who works […]

Eclectic Conversations – Discovering the Work with Kathleen Lindley Beckham

Emily and Kathleen Lindley Beckham discussed Kathleen’s book, “Discovering the Work.” Kathleen shared her inspiration for writing the book, which was her desire to encourage women, particularly those over 40, to not be intimidated by challenges and to persevere in pursuing their passions, such as horse riding. She emphasized that everyone faces challenges, but everyone […]

Eclectic Conversations – For the Love of the Horse with Mark Rashid

Emily and Mark Rashid discussed his latest book, For the Love of the Horse, which was inspired by the thirtieth anniversary of his first book, Considering the Horse which has sold over a million and a half copies worldwide. They also discussed the impact of his mentor’s teachings on his approach to horse training. One […]

Home Clinic with Bryan Neubert by Pat Gleeson

The Gang – Left to Right -Pat Gleeson, Curtis and Lee Vossler, Craig and Camille Reesor, Steve Haines, Greg Garvie, Jane Angeles, Patti Dunne and Bryan Neubert   “Let’s see what you got,” said in Bryan’s enthusiastic and inimitable style. Thus begins 5 days of an adventure discovering what you really have got at a […]

Eclectic Conversations – International Dispatches – Antoine Cloux

Emily and Antoine Cloux caught up with each other after several years since their last meeting at the Horseman’s Reunion in Paso Robles in 2012. Antoine shared his journey of how he was introduced to western horse culture, which led him to quit his hockey career and focus on learning more about horsemanship. He explained […]

Eclectic Conversations – Tom Dorrance More Than a Horseman with Jim Overstreet

Tom Dorrance – More Than A Horseman is a unique collection of memories and anecdotes about the man who inspires us to more thoughtful horsemanship decades after his passing. Now in its second printing this wildly popular title is the jumping off point for conversations about Tom and horsemanship between Eclectic Horseman Magazine publisher Emily Kitching […]

International Dispatches – Andrew Turnbull

Welcome to another kind of Eclectic Conversation; a chance to get to know horsemanship instructors from around the world. The term dispatch means “the sending of someone or something to a destination or for a purpose.” So the term seems to me to fit the collection of interviews with students from around the world who […]

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