Accurate Groundwork with Buster McLaury

Having your horse with you is a concept that is familiar. We think about it a lot when we are riding, but as Buster...

Tracks in The Snow

Written by Bryan Neubert "I don’t know about you, but for me I often had a lot of trouble leaving our yard for the first...

The Biggest Schooling Arena 40 Things to Do on a Casual...

Written by Sylvana Smith This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.5  "What did you work on today?" asked a friend, who knew I’d volunteered...

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Horsemanship Skills

In Search of the Perfect Circle

Written by Wendy Murdoch This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.28 “We cannot monitor the horse’s understanding of our communications, we cannot evaluate his physical...

Improving Your Weight Aids

For Visual Learners

Build Your Confidence

A Flagging Project

With Mindy Bower If you are creative, you can find ways to prepare you and your horse for demanding jobs, such as roping, where there are...

Look and Feel in Your Groundwork

Written by Scott Stokes Groundwork is an essential tool in horsemanship. Its application begins with the first haltering of a foal as well as getting...

Backing a Circle as Turnaround Preparation

With Richard Caldwell There are many ways to prepare your horse for the maneuver known as the turnaround. In the last few issues we have...

Dwight Hill – Raising & Training Versatile Horses

Written by Heather Smith Thomas photos by Tessa Gilpin This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.54 Handling horses the natural way and producing finished...


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