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How Groundwork Relates to Riding

Written by Mindy Bower Editor’s Note: In the series that ran in several issues Mindy Bower discussed how groundwork relates to riding. This first piece...

Signs of Sickness – How to read your horse’s behavior

Written by Sue Stuska, Ed.D. This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.10 We're striving to become more sensitive to our horses while we work...

Ground Games for Kids – Turning serious horsemanship into kid-sized fun

Written by Sylvana Smith For her 12th birthday a few years ago, a young friend received the gift of which most little girls dream: a...

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How Groundwork Relates to Riding Part 2

With Mindy Bower A simple thing that many people miss Situation: When I first watched Ginsor’s owner work him on the ground, the first word that came...

Winter Projects

With Jeff Derby For many of us, the start of the winter season means an end to our riding season. Even if you have access...

Use Your Get Down Rope to Keep Safe

With Richard Caldwell When you ride with traditional gear, it is important to remember that each piece of equipment has a specific purpose and has...

Tracks in The Snow

Written by Bryan Neubert "I don’t know about you, but for me I often had a lot of trouble leaving our yard for the first...


A compliment to the magazine - since sometimes horses are better to watch than to read about. No place else will you get to watch some of the best horsemen, and women work in one place. Every episode is produced to help you take ownership of your horsemanship.