Developing The Stop

Written by Martin Black This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.21 Getting a horse to stop isn’t only necessary in most riding disciplines but is also a safety precaution at some point for most all riders if things ever get out of control. If a horse doesn’t understand to stop, it can be difficult […]

Tom Dorrance: More Than a Horseman

Written by Jim Overstreet Photo by Heather Hafleigh This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.13 The Flying D Ranch cowboys were branding calves when Tom Dorrance drove up. Jim Thompson, a teenager at the time, still vividly recalls the day. Tom had visited only briefly when Jack Shell offered up his horse so […]

Centering Your Horse with Buck Brannaman

What I am looking for when I am riding a horse of any level, a green colt or an experienced bridle horse, is for him to stay centered underneath me. When I’m riding, I draw an imaginary rectangle around my horse; there is a line in front of his nose, one on each side of […]

The Definition of “On the Bit”

Written by Dr. Max Gahwyler and Bettina Drummond There is no other statement used so often in Dressage riding as the horse should accept the bit, be on the bit, etc. And very often when you go to clinics or shows, it’s the predominant preoccupation of riders, trainers and, unfortunately, often also the judges. It […]