The Unspoken Rules Surrounding the Horsemanship World

I’ve been sitting on the couch all morning, reading, studying, writing some messages, thinking about some of the horses I have in training. All morning? Who has time for that? Yes, all morning, because I spent time in the barn till late last night. There was a full moon. Even though I work for myself […]

“I never found a halter that fit onto the tail end of a horse…”

We’ve said goodbye to January, and it’s been a good three weeks since I wrote my first blog for Eclectic Horseman. There is more daylight every day now, which is a delight in so many ways. Every Estonian I speak to says there might still be a chance for snow this winter. Nevertheless January has […]

New beginnings & Friendship in Estonia

This past dark December month it became clear to me once again how horsemanship connects people, not only to horses, but to each other, turning strangers into friends. Early December I headed north for Estonia from the Netherlands. With my sister’s help, who endured many a Dave Stamey song on the days she and I […]

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