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Buck Brannaman Groundwork Set

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Groundwork Book (hardcover, photos, 91 pgs.)
Written by Buck Brannaman, this is the first book in his long awaited book series. Groundwork takes you step-by-step, starting your colt from the ground. With Buck’s common sense advice and over 90 photographs illustrating his techniques, this is surely a primer for anyone interested in learning the fine art of groundwork. Some chapter titles include “Lass Rope Work,” “Changing Eyes,” “Roping a Hind Foot,” and “Horse Roping,” among others. This book can be referred to over and over, and can go anywhere with you. Keep a copy in your truck and also next to your bed.

Groundwork DVD
In the tradition of fine horsemanship, Buck Brannaman presents Groundwork, a step-by-step demonstration to help you with your colt from halter to saddle. Working only from the ground, Buck touches on halter work, leading, mannering, longeing, driving, and saddling always with you and your horse’s safety in mind.

5 reviews for Buck Brannaman Groundwork Set

  1. Faith M (verified owner)

    These two items have been the ‘go to’ resources when I acquired a new horse. They have been of great value and remind me to pay attention to the small things when working with a horse. I now have two red books, one is signed (Thanks Buck!) and is my reading book -the one I sit down to review with the video before and after working with a horse in order to visualize and ready myself for any given session. The 2nd one is the one I take notes in and bring with me to work with the horse.

  2. bullrider173

    If you want to have an unforgettable journey with your colt or filly, this will help you tremendously, it will get your horse with you with his, or her mind heart and soul, it will help you get a partner for life, you can read the book 1000 times and watch the video another 1000, does not matter you will always find new knowledge, new understanding, new point of view, you and your horse can and will have regressions, but you will already know that, you go back to your set, rekindle and and spend time applying what you just learned, I highly recommend this set and also recommend to watch it several times, take notes and read your notes, put as much as you can in your mind, but keeping the notes close to you, because it is a lot of information and every detail matters. Happy groundwork!!

  3. sarahandshiloh

    This set is very handy to have as part of your collection. The videos show how to take a horse from start to finish.

    The book is helpful to have out with you in the pen when working with the horse. I used mine to make notes when I was watching the videos and then carried it with me for a while when I was working my horse.

    If you’re looking for quality handling and use of energy, I would highly recommend this set.

  4. kkcowgirl

    After a lifetime of 50 years owning and riding horses, I had always wanted to start my own; something I had never done. Oh I had ridden green colts, and messed with foals, but groundwork wasn’t something that was as well known at the time, and I had little experience with it. After auditing a Buck Brannaman clinic, I was amazed at how well the horses seemed to understand what he was communicating, and I desperately wanted to offer that lightness to an equine partner starting at the very beginning of training. With that in mind, I purchased a yearling filly to eventually allow my aging gelding a much deserved retirement, and I purchased this set to assist us on our journey together.

    This book and DVD became my most referred to and most helpful resources of all the information I surrounded myself with, (and I have the round pen dirt on the book to prove it!) I was quite amazed by her response. The tasks made sense to both of us, and helped to establish a communication, lightness, and mutual trust that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. She is coming three now, and things are going beautifully. 14 rides now so far, and she is confident, curious, unafraid, and she enjoys our work together. I chalk that up to following the insights and instruction provided in this set. And even though we’re in the saddle now, I still am referring to these as we progress, and imagine I will for quite a long time to come. This is proving to be a huge investment into our partnership together.

  5. cathyfalconer (verified owner)

    This is a great set! I’ve been doing groundwork with my horse for years and I still learned so much. The nuances of position and how Buck can ‘push’ on each part of the horse with his energy alone is really fascinating and fun to go out and play with on my horse. The book is great to take out to the pen and have as a ready reference. I highly recommend the set!

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