TaylorMade Horsemanship

Written by Tom Moates “It’s a unique learning experience,” says horsemanship clinician, Mindy Bower, about the joint venture between Melanie Smith Taylor and her called TaylorMade Horsemanship. “I think this is a unique opportunity to combine the two worlds.” Just glance at their website, taylormadehorsemanship.com, and it’s clear what two worlds Mindy means. There’s her […]

The Myth of Natural Horsemanship

Written by Tom Moates This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.46 Before going further, I’m compelled to clear the air regarding the term “natural horsemanship” for my own peace of mind, especially since it is pretty much unavoidable given the subject of this book. I must inform you that natural horsemanship is a […]

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