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Evidence-Based Horsemanship by Dr. Peters and Martin Black

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Evidence-Based Horsemanship is based on the Scientist-Practitioner Model. It was developed out of a collaboration between Martin Black and Dr. Stephen Peters who felt that the public and their horses needed a source of accurate information.

“Real information” gathered by observation, tested in the field and validated by science.

Evidence-Based Horsemanship involves assessing and integrating scientific findings to inform decisions and to create “best practices ” in all areas of horse training and care based on empirical outcomes (i.e., what “works”).

It allows us to ask the question, “What does our current scientific knowledge of the horse, when applied and empirically observed, show me about getting the best outcomes possible for me and the horse?”

Soft Cover, photos, 90 pages

7 reviews for Evidence-Based Horsemanship by Dr. Peters and Martin Black

  1. northpoleflowers

    I can sure recommend Evidence-Based Horsemanship. It’s a rare and valuable treatise on horse training written collaboratively between a neuropsychologist and a renowned horse trainer. It’s a must read for anyone wanting to better understand horse behavior.

  2. amy0518

    Great book and resource to have in my library!! Having a neuropsychologist and a renowned clinician come together to look at the horse’s perspective gave me a whole new approach that my horse is very grateful for.

  3. shayloralley

    This book is a great way to gain insight about our work with horses. As we all too often think that a horse thinks and acts like we do, this book breaks down how, and sometimes why this is not so. It also speaks well to how the horse-person is usually the one in the way. Our human ego, pride, and self-centered view of the world gets in the way of communicating with our partners. Easy to read, and digest. Not too full of geeky science, but enough that it gives credit to the process.

  4. freeridethompson

    This is a great book. By understanding what is happening to the mind during training, you are more effective with timing and reward. Understanding what the horse need mentally to learn, has brought my young horses along smoother and easier. I highly recommend this book.

  5. ona4day

    Reading this book was the first step I took in improving my horsemanship. It really opened my eyes to what the horse is thinking and now I make a conscious effort to always try to view things from my horse’s perspective. It has opened a whole new world of horsemanship for me. I recommend watching the DVD as well!

  6. Faith Mendoza

    EBH will assist you to understand the mind and responses of a horse. It is an easily understood collection of facts. It can certainly assist you in refining your partnership. Reading about the SAM axis really hit home for my new horse.

  7. jlholowaychuk

    This book and the DVD have really changed the way I work with my horse. It’s very informative and get’s you to understand where the horse is at and how he is operating. We do so many things thinking we are benefiting the horse yet we are completing going against what is in his nature. This is a great book to add to the collection the DVD also helps with more visual aids to the information provided.

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