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Passing It On by Tom Moates

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Journey into Honest Horsemanship Series: Part 5

This much anticipated fifth title in the Journey Into Honest Horsemanship Series includes more adventures from many of the usual suspects–Dinky the Mule, Jubal, Festus, Niji and others are back to add their part in the next installment of Tom’s ongoing horsemanship journey. The book also shares quite a bit about Tom’s “Passing It On”–that is, sharing with others what he’s been blessed to learn from horseman, Harry Whitney. Harry has written a foreword for the book, and as always, it is packed with great photos.

1 review for Passing It On by Tom Moates

  1. driveabuggy

    Good easy to read book with insights into the learning process for humans that wish to consider the horses input. Tom explains how he came to learn and how he passes it on. This is one of a series of books he has written. I highly suggest you read them all, although they don’t need to be read in order to get a great deal of information form them.

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