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Considering the Horse by Mark Rashid

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Product Description

Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons Learned, Second Edition

Own an unruly horse? Thinking about purchasing a horse but don’t exactly know what to expect once you do? Ever wondered what and how a horse thinks? In Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid tells stories that provide horse owners and potential buyers with the best training solutions—straight from the horse’s mouth. And in the second edition of this classic of natural horsemanship literature, Rashid includes a new introduction and adds new insight on his detailed tips on the timeless yet ever-changing pursuit of good horsemanship.

By considering the horse’s point of view, he explores a variety of solutions to common training problems like head tossing, trailer loading, mounting problems, and more. After years of training and teaching, Rashid assures you that you don’t need to sell that rebellious horse of yours, and there’s no need to panic if you just bought a horse with a problem and don’t know what to do. More likely than not, the answers are here for every rider, trainer, or owner.

Paperback, 224 pages.

About the author

Mark Rashid is an author and horse trainer. His books, such as Considering the Horse and Whole Heart, Whole Horse, follow his training philosophy, which is to find training solutions by considering the horse’s point of view. The author of seven books, Rashid was featured on the PBS Nature series.

5 reviews for Considering the Horse by Mark Rashid

  1. m-adams

    For helping you to stop and *think*, this was one of the very best books I’ve ever read. I especially loved the revision notes. Although I cannot compare my horsemanship growth to Mr Rashid’s, I can certainly see glimmers of hope that I am on the right path and reaped so much benefit from his heartfelt words. Highly recommend to anyone that has relationships with animals or humans!

  2. driveabuggy

    Mark’s excellent storytelling skills gently impart wisdom. He helps the reader truly consider the whole horse and he encourages us to practice our horsemanship even when we’re not with our horses.

  3. kmase (verified owner)

    I have been riding for 44 years. When my old gelding developed arthritis I decided to retire him and get a younger horse. I thought I had made a good purchase but this mare has issues and in turn I developed a few issues of my own. I have come off four times, two trips to the ER, fractured radius, fractured rib, displaced ribs, cuts and bruises. Lots of those. I considered selling her but there were so many things about her that I liked I made the commitment to solve OUR problems. Mark’s books have really helped me to try to see things from her perspective and for me to be sensitive to what and how I am communicating with her. We are really making progress but I have taken his message of Patience to heart. I really pay attention to her and in return she is paying close attention to me. Slow and easy. She is gaining confidence in me and letting go some of her anxiety. I need to continue to do the same. I highly recommend Mark’s books.

  4. easihorsetrails

    Mark Rashid’s books were my first introduction to riding with feel and softness and they’re still some of my favorite training books. They are always the ones I recommend to people who are just starting out on their horsemanship journey as they are well written, easy to understand and offer a lot of insights into how horses work but are not too overwhelming for the new student. The books are written as basically a short story for each chapter, telling the point that Mark is trying to get across. This makes for a very enjoyable and easy read that you can go back to time and again and learn something new.

  5. megan

    I truly enjoyed this book. There was so much information offered up through the insights he had with people struggling with their horses and the weaving of Mark’s history of learning from the horse into these stories. Mark does a great job telling an engaging tale while providing the reader with a lot to think about and work on in their own situations.

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