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50 Five-Minute Fixes To Improve Your Riding by Wendy Murdoch

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WENDY MURDOCH, an internationally recognized equestrian author, instructor, and clinician for over 23 years, teaches her students how to do what great riders do naturally. Her desire to understand the function of both horse and human, and her love of teaching capitalizes on the most current learning theories in order to show riders how to exceed their own expectations.

Wendy’s studies include an apprenticeship with Sally Swift, as well as extensive training with Linda Tellington-Jones, Dr. Joyce Harman, Jon Zahourek (Anatomy in Clay), and Dr. Hilary Clayton. To help her guide students toward better function, Wendy became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and continues her study with Dr. Feldenkrais’ first assistant, Mia Segal.

Her fascination with the mind/body connection between horse and rider has led her to explore courses outside the equine world and bring that information to her students. Murdoch writes articles for a wide variety of magazines and is a regular contributor to Eclectic Horseman Magazine. She is the author of Simplify Your Riding and creator of the three-part Ride Like a Natural DVD series.

3 reviews for 50 Five-Minute Fixes To Improve Your Riding by Wendy Murdoch

  1. marika.saarinen

    If the horse is your mirror, how your horse moves is a reflection of how your body moves. Whenever I have an issue with my riding or my instructor mentions something to work on, I reference this book. It has helped me with a more stable seat, which has helped my horse move so much better. When your horse does something you would like to change, look to yourself, and then look to this book. Easy to use and broken down into manageable chunks. This with the DVD is a great combo!

  2. cowdoc1996

    This was a fairly recent purchase so I have not gone through all of the exercises yet but so far the ones I have tried have been very helpful. I have used Sally Swift’s Centered riding books as a basis for improving my riding for years with a great deal of success but I feel this book has gained an equally important place in my library. This book offers some different techniques and insights to help balance our “sticky” spots with very specific and well explained exercises. The book is very well organized into different sections for different parts of the body as well as cross references for other exercises that may relate to the problem area. I like the specific descriptions of how each exercise should be done both with “feel” and through anatomy.

  3. fun

    This is a great book! It is full of helpful instruction and easy to apply methods. I find it very useful and refer to it a lot. As a riding instructor it is very helpful to have alternative ways to explain things to students, and I often use this book as a way to help students understand various things they are struggling with.

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