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The Horseman’s Gazette – Wendy Murdoch Special Collection

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Product Description

This is a special collection of Wendy Murdoch’s gazette segments from the past three year’s of Horseman’s Gazettes!

Wendy Murdoch has been teaching riders how to do what great riders do naturally for almost 30 years. In this DVD Wendy brings her extensive knowledge riding, function, the body and presents a series of exercises you can use to improve your riding and communication with your horse.

Wendy teaching style is able to break down complex situations and make them easy to understand and learn by presenting the information in a way that you can follow along, experience and feel the difference in both you and your horse.

The lessons presented in this DVD will take you through finding a solid position in the saddle to using that position to ride circles, turns, stops and backing up.

• Finding and Understanding Your Hips
• Stabilizing Your Feet In the Stirrups
• Balancing Your Head and Neck
• Understanding Your Shoulders
• Rider Overview and Adjustments
• Circles and Turns
• Riding Great Stops

Over 2 hours running time!

6 reviews for The Horseman’s Gazette – Wendy Murdoch Special Collection

  1. leslieandbill

    I recently was in a group with Wendy as instructor.
    She is ok in a group though I noticed she really
    shows how much she knows
    working with one person one horse
    and I have learned a
    tremendous amount watching this special
    I highly recommend this as she truly understands
    horse and human body together.

  2. forthinkslikethis

    I think Wendy Murdoch is fantastic, and I recommend her dvds to everyone. She has such a great way of explaining things so as they just make sense. I think anyone who rides can gain something from watching Wendy.

  3. lana_halisheff (verified owner)

    Wow, packed full of helpful, simple to understand information. I love the way Wendy shows how to find the correct position for your body. The response of my horse is immediate. Awesome.

  4. 3acrestrucking (verified owner)

    This video helped me focus on my hips, shoulders and spine to find a more secure seat.
    Being able to watch other riders struggle with some of the same habits is a tremendous help.
    Wendy really takes time to explain the benefits of your riding posture, how your horse is directly connected and responding to it. You can clearly see the horses free up after Wendy works with each rider, and making minor adjustments to their posture.
    A good investment!

  5. lindaturtlevalley (verified owner)

    After fracturing my pelvis a couple years ago I was having trouble finding a relaxed balanced seat position. Watching this DVD not only helped me to understand where my hip joint was but to reposition my hip and leg. Wow, what a change from a tight hip to a gliding hip and long relaxed leg. My horse is thankful I am making this change.

  6. kmmontgomery

    We ha e thoroughly enjoyed and watched Wendy’s lessons over and over again. The lessons have helped feel more secure in the saddle and has greatly helped us become more fluid with our horse’s movement. We would highly recommend this product.

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