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Six Colts, Two Weeks A Special Colt Starting with Harry Whitney by Tom Moates

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A masterpiece! In Six Colts, Two Weeks, celebrated equestrian author, Tom Moates, walks the reader through the once-in-a-lifetime experience of attending a colt starting clinic with renowned horsemanship clinician, Harry Whitney. “This was…no ordinary clinic,” Moates says in the introduction. “This…would be an extraordinary, singular opportunity to learn from a renowned horseman in a way that may never happen again.”

This new title (Volume One) covers the first week. The longest of Moates’s eight horse books to date with 290 pages and more than 100 photos, Six Colts, Two Weeks, is a unique memoir that documents how Whitney goes about preventing young horses from developing “people problems” in the first place. Come along for the fun, challenges, and one-of-a-kind insights from Whitney recounted with inquisitiveness, astuteness, and humor as only Tom Moates can do. Six Colts, Two Weeks is destined to be a modern equestrian classic that no horse library is complete without.

2 reviews for Six Colts, Two Weeks A Special Colt Starting with Harry Whitney by Tom Moates

  1. cheyenne6592

    This book is a must have for anyone serious about good horsemanship. As I read it, I could hear the words spoken in the voice of Harry Whitney, who I have carefully listened to for so many years. There are lots of wonderful photos to illustrate the points discussed in the book. An abundance of gratitude for those that documented this once in a lifetime clinic for those of us that could not attend. This is my go-to resource for horsemanship. The information in this book is for all horses, not just ones being started under saddle. I take in a lot of horses, and I have never taken in a horse that did not have some pretty big holes in their foundation. Harry’s methods, as documented in this book, address these issues so they don’t continue to cause dissonance between horse and rider. I use some of these methods every time I work with a horse, no matter how much experience the horse has. Since I only get to see Harry once a year, this book is the next best thing and should be in the library of every rider.

  2. emily.kitching

    Great read!

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