EH No.26 November/December 2005

cover26Clearing Out the Front Quarters with Buck Brannaman (read online) 
Buck adds a piece to your familiar groundwork that will help keep your horse from pushing on you with his front quarters.

Confidence vs. Confusion by Martin Black (read online) 
The foundation a young horse has will set the tone for his future success. The importance of building confidence is examined.

Managing the Caviada by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver  
A closer look at the fine art of managing the string of riding horses and the cowboys who ride them on a day-to-day basis.

Respect Issues with Bill Scott by Tom Moates 
Bill Scott shares his ideas on this most fundamental concept of the horse-human relationship.

Part 6: Pirouettes in Your Parlor or Connecting Circular Figures by Wendy Murdoch 
How to connect circular lateral movements.

Equibalance Pilates for Riders: Part 5 Breathing with Julie Leiken 
Improve your breathing, improve your riding, learn how with Julie’s exercises.

The Hoof: Shoeing and Trimming by Sue Stuska Ed.D. (read online) 
Understanding these will help you make good hoof-keeping decisions.

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