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Get Ready To Rope with Joe Wolter

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This newest release from Joe Wolter, revered horseman and one of the best traditional ranch ropers out there, provides a variety of exercises to help keep riders safe and their horses comfortable in real world roping situations.  Whether you’re headed to the branding pen or simply want a more confident horse, Get Ready to Rope is a must have video – filled valuable lessons and insights for riders of all levels and interests.

Topics covered include how to: Expose your horse to the rope, Get your horse comfortable with pulling, Encourage your horse to help you, Get your horse in position, Teach your horse to rate, Keep you and your horse out of trouble, and more…

DVD, 1:38 runtime, Title music by Mike Beck

1 review for Get Ready To Rope with Joe Wolter

  1. jlholowaychuk

    Joe is probably one of my favorite guys to learn from. He has an easy way of explaining things that really seem to sink in. I’m riding a horse that has had some really bad experiences. The spurs were put to him and he was put to work dragging steers and doctoring cattle. It’s been quite the feat trying to rope off him now. Whether it was Ray or Tom -maybe Ray- saying do half as much I don’t recall. It’s easy to think we’re doing half as much or even half of that when we really aren’t. Watching Joe work off his horse made me realize I was doing WAY too much. It’s really helped me along with my horse maybe one day he’ll be okay with roping a cow again. As for the roping instruction Joe touches on some real important things that I don’t think get covered enough. I’ve had some good ropers teach me but they don’t break down the swing quite like Joe does. He really goes into detail on every aspect of the swing and delivery. Even if you have roped before you can definitely get a lot out of this DVD. This is a great for anyone inexperienced and experienced.

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