EH No.30 July/August 2006

Backing Serpentines with Mindy Bower (read online)  A helpful exercise for building suppleness and flexibility in your horse, and pointing out weak spots in your riding. Preparing Your Horse for the Hackamore and Bridle by Martin Black (read online)  Martin offers some advice on making these transitions in a way that does not intimidate your […]

EH No.28 March/April 2006

Making The Right Thing Comfortable with Bryan Neubert (read online)  A simple suggestion on how to respond to a horse who wants to keep looking at you out of one eye. Should You Start Your Own Colt? by Sylvana Smith (read online)   Struggling with this important decision? Sylvana helps you reason through whether you’re […]

EH No.27 January/February 2006

Straighten That Horse Out by Martin Black (read online)  Without straightness you will never achieve fine horsemanship. Martin shares his thoughts on this essential topic. The Half-Circle Exercise with Buck Brannaman (read online)  A powerful exercise to focus on your horse’s front quarters and check out how respectful your horse is of your space. Some […]

EH No.26 November/December 2005

Clearing Out the Front Quarters with Buck Brannaman (read online)  Buck adds a piece to your familiar groundwork that will help keep your horse from pushing on you with his front quarters. Confidence vs. Confusion by Martin Black (read online)  The foundation a young horse has will set the tone for his future success. The importance […]

EH No.25 September/October 2005

Understanding Collection by Martin Black (read online)  A fresh look at a concept that is often misunderstood and misidentified. Catching Up on Rope Exposure with Bryan Neubert (read online)  Bryan demonstrates how to expose a worried horse to having a rope around his hind legs. When Colts Go on the Payroll by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver  Reflections […]

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