Eclectic Conversations – Tom Dorrance More Than a Horseman with Jim Overstreet

Tom Dorrance – More Than A Horseman is a unique collection of memories and anecdotes about the man who inspires us to more thoughtful horsemanship decades after his passing. Now in its second printing this wildly popular title is the jumping off point for conversations about Tom and horsemanship between Eclectic Horseman Magazine publisher Emily Kitching and the contributors of this book. Listen in on these fun and insightful conversations!

Emily and Jim Overstreet reflect on their experiences with Tom Dorrance, a renowned horseman known for his kindness and sensitivity. They discuss the challenges faced in the horsemanship world and how Tom’s teachings have positively impacted their perspectives. Jim also shares his admiration for Tom and his unique relationship with horses, and touched on the potential for further learning in this area. Additionally, Jim mentions his passion for writing, particularly his “The Rodeo in the Blood Series.”

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Tom Dorrance – More Than A Horseman

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