International Dispatches – Andrew Turnbull

Welcome to another kind of Eclectic Conversation; a chance to get to know horsemanship instructors from around the world. The term dispatch means “the sending of someone or something to a destination or for a purpose.” So the term seems to me to fit the collection of interviews with students from around the world who traveled far from home to pursue good horsemanship in the states and take it back home to share. I hope you enjoy these conversations.

In this visit Emily and Andrew Turnbull reflect on their past meeting from 2013 at Martin Black’s ranch and their mutual interest in horsemanship. Andrew shared his philosophy training while minimizing the negative impact on horses, especially in his local Western Australian community. They both emphasized the importance of learning from mentors and developing their own skills through a combination of various resources.

Andrew and Emily go on to discuss the significance of empathy and connection with the horses in their lives. Andrew highlighted how horses can teach valuable lessons about life and self, and how they can provide a sense of motivation and inspiration to connect better with them. He pointed out that not everyone finds this connection important, attributing this to differences in personality and communication skills. The conversation also touched on how this connection can boost confidence and a sense of being seen and heard, which can be applied to other aspects of life. They also acknowledged that their approach may not be suitable for everyone, but it provides a fulfilling journey of self-improvement. Emily appreciated the diversity of their mentors and resources, which provide a broad scope of learning.

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