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Between The Reins by Tom Moates

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Journey into Honest Horsemanship Series: Part 2

Between the Reins – A Continuing Journey into Honest Horsemanship is the latest book by Eclectic Horseman Contributor Tom Moates

Equestrian journalist and author, Tom Moates, is back with more chronicles of his earnest attempts to improve his horsemanship skills with the tolerant guidance of renowned horsemanship clinician, Harry Whitney. This follow up to A Horse’s Thought contains fresh equine adventures and insights as Moates tirelessly pursues to understand Whitney’s uncanny ability to see things from the horse’s point of view.

Whether riding at home in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, traveling to audit Whitney’s clinics in various states, or getting bucked off again while riding in a clinic himself–vital lessons unfold in these pages as Moates increasingly comes to a deeper understanding of horses and what goes on in that space Between the Reins.

1 review for Between The Reins by Tom Moates

  1. krask

    Tom’s work is both entertaining and educational, and i really enjoyed this book. ‘Between the reins’ made me think about different perspectives and approaches, and Tom really can put feelings into words. I have to work at horsemanship, it does not come “natural” and Tom’s writing style speaks to folks like me as well as those that are more handy. All types of horsemen will appreciate this book and Tom’s flair for telling a good story.

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