Working Out the Kinks…


Beneath the vast expanse of the western sky,
Where rugged mountains and green valleys collide.
A cowgirl saddles up the wild filly,
Facing the untamed brink.
The cowgirl gambles with her life today-
“Working Out the Kinks…”

The filly, a tempest in midnight hue,
Challenges the cowgirl,
Defying her, bold and true.
Blowing and snorting, her rearing hooves leave the ground.
The cowgirl experiences her spirit and power,
A feeling so profound.

With a patient hand and a knowing gaze,
The cowgirl seeks softer, more subtle ways.
“Working Out the Kinks…”
Stern, but always with kindness and praise.

Through arroyos deep and mountains high,
A ballet begins-
A dance of trust beneath the western sky.
“Working Out the Kinks…”
Their wild hearts collide.

Together, they navigate the open range.
Their partnership unbreakable,
Their spirits unchained.

As hooves mark time in an untold space,
“Working Out the Kinks…”
Horse and rider become one, moving with harmony and grace.

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