Horsemanship Instruction for Older Riders

Written by Heather Smith Thomas Most riding instructors teach children or young adults who want to learn to ride or improve their riding skills for competitions. A different kind of class is taught by Susan Dudasik (Misfit Farms, Salmon, Idaho), helping older riders learn for the first time, or ride again after a lapse, or […]

Transitioning The Young Horse From Some Broke To Making A Cow Horse

Written by Tom Moates The name Martin Black is certainly familiar to Eclectic-Horseman readers from his regular essays in the magazine. Also, his popular books, DVDs, annual clinics, and appearances in issues of The Horseman’s Gazette video magazine help share his horsemanship with many folks. Martin’s philosophy is rooted in the direct experience, he says, […]

Finding A Trail Horse – Roundtable Discussion with Bryan Neubert and Harry Whitney

Written by Tom Moates Picking the right trail horse is never a trivial consideration. It is a very important decision and packs plenty of gravity for anyone. A good fit between horse and rider makes all the difference between many enjoyable trail riding experiences, or, well…the opposite. Lacking experience with horses makes the job doubly […]

Comparable parts – You are more like your horse than you think!

Written by Wendy Murdoch The horse and human skeletons are quite similar, even though we stand in completely different orientations, on either four legs or two. There are some major differences between our skeletons: a horse’s bones are much larger than ours, the proportions are different and we each have a few bones that are […]

The Second Annual Horsemen’s Re-Union

Written by Tom Moates What began as an off-hand remark quickly snowballed into a full fledged, major league colt starting event—one which is now about to be held for the second time. On April 15-20, 2013, the California Mid-State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles, California again will be the home of the Horsemen’s Re-Union. ( ) […]

Early Californios Skills of the Rancho

Written by Tom Moates “Now we have a new association which is the Californios Bridlehorse Association, which is a 501c3 nonprofit,” says the group’s founder, Bruce Sandifer. “We’re going to be putting on the Early Californios Skills of the Rancho through that organization.” In just a few weeks, the first annual Early Californios Skills of […]