Second Annual Stockmanship Challenge and Clinic

In 2022 a unique contest was hosted by Malcolm and Jenny MacLean at the Pincher Creek Rodeo Grounds in Alberta, Canada, in conjunction with a stockmanship school to introduce people to the low-stress livestock handling methods developed by Bud Williams. The school and competition were well received so the goal was to make this an […]

Change in Behavior May Mean Back Problems

There are many types of back injuries, including acute and chronic problems, and repetitive injuries due to use of the horse. A horse with a painful back is often reluctant to work under saddle, since certain movements hurt, and he may become grumpy. Many back problems show up first as a change in performance and/or […]

Horsemanship Instruction for Older Riders

Written by Heather Smith Thomas Most riding instructors teach children or young adults who want to learn to ride or improve their riding skills for competitions. A different kind of class is taught by Susan Dudasik (Misfit Farms, Salmon, Idaho), helping older riders learn for the first time, or ride again after a lapse, or […]

Dwight Hill – Raising & Training Versatile Horses

Written by Heather Smith Thomas photos by Tessa Gilpin This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.54 Handling horses the natural way and producing finished horses that can do anything you ask of them—this is Dwight Hill’s goal.   He raises and trains horses that can excel in many disciplines and his horses are […]

Remembering Ray Hunt

Written by Heather Smith Thomas photo by Melissa Stone Ray Hunt wasn’t the first horseman to travel a different path in handling horses, utilizing what has now become known as “natural” horsemanship, but he was probably the person most responsible for teaching others about it. His students now continue his teaching methods around the world, […]

Cary Schwarz – Thoughts on Saddlemaking

Written by Heather Smith Thomas There are many good saddlemakers/ craftsmen who create superior western tack. Cowboy gear has become an art form in recent decades, but there must always be a connection between art and function. Cary Schwarz, a saddlemaker in Salmon, Idaho, says most people tend to compartmentalize and separate things so we […]

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