Two Masters – An Evening with Buck Brannaman and George Morris

Above Photos: Left by Rebecca Walton. Right by Emily Kitching  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from two great horsemen in one location! The stars have aligned to have these two masters in the same place at the same time. This is your chance to enjoy an evening roundtable discussion with these horsemen on a […]

The 5th Annual Early Californios Skills of the Rancho

Mark your calendar – 6th Annual Early Californios Skills of the Rancho July 13-15 2018 at the historic TEJON RANCH Report by Linda Turner Photos by Marc Alt   The Californio Bridlehorse Association’s (CBA) 5th Early Californios Skills of the Rancho was held in Santa Maria, California on July 6-9, 2017. CBA’s President and founder […]

Change in Behavior May Mean Back Problems

There are many types of back injuries, including acute and chronic problems, and repetitive injuries due to use of the horse. A horse with a painful back is often reluctant to work under saddle, since certain movements hurt, and he may become grumpy. Many back problems show up first as a change in performance and/or […]

Horsemanship That Improves Humanmanship

“We mainly focus on horsemanship that improves humanmanship,” says Scott DePaolo. “I don’t believe that anybody needs to ride a horse anymore, but I do believe that horses can improve our lives, both in the way our relationships are with horses and also the way our relationships are with other people.” Scott manages Butte Creek […]

Tall in the Saddle – an Interview with Author and Artist Steve Johnson

“I’m not really a writer,” says Steve Johnson. It’s a odd statement coming from the author of three books, the latest being the newly released Tall in the Saddle. It is especially true when the new book garners such praise as horseman Buck Brannaman saying this about it: “Tall in the Saddle is a well-crafted story […]

Handy Little Cowboy

photography by Sandy Black It was a cold breezy September day in Bruneau, Idaho when I walked up to the corrals at the Ace Black Ranch. Their fall branding was underway and what caught my eye instantly was a young man roping with down right proficiency. The clincher for me was finding out this young […]

Libby Lyman Trail Riding Clinic By Connie Crawford

“I just want to go on a trail ride with my horse.”  The anthem of so many riders. Myself included. There are plenty of horses who will happily pack people down the trail. I don’t happen to own such a horse and the price to buy one in New England is quite high. So my […]

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