Ten Ways to Show Your Horse You Love Him

Yes, I got this idea off Facebook. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be shared there. I think Eclectic Horseman is a fine place. Write a note to the Editor and add your own idea to be included in the next issue of the magazine.

  1. Bring your horse in and give him a very good grooming. Then turn him (back) out.
  2. Get a referral to a human physical therapist to work on evenness and flexibility in your body.
  3. Read or reread a book by one of the masters of horse psychology and training.
  4. Participate in a seminar on clicker training. Use the technique to put your horse in charge of his learning; it’s up to him to figure out what he needs to do to hear that click and get a treat.
  5. Figure out how to divide your horse’s daily hay ration into one additional
  6. Try a new activity with your horse. Incorporate trotting poles, try Le TREC, or trailer to a place you’ve never ridden.
  7. Enroll in yoga or Pilates.
  8. Take a private lesson.
  9. Stretch before you ride.
  10. Trailer your horse somewhere, hand graze him, then take him home.

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