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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.38 – Spring 2019

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Product Description

Welcome to the 38th issue of The Horseman’s Gazette, a quarterly video-series that enables you to watch and learn from some of the most talented horsemen and -women working with horses today.

Education is the main objective of this video-series. Because we believe that it’s the little things that make a big difference; a change in expression, the length of a pause, the smoothness of a transition, these video segments are edited as little as possible to give you the whole picture of how each horse and rider progress.

Becoming a better horseman is a life-long process, and if you are serious about becoming the best you can be, now you can enjoy having access to some of the best resources in the horsemanship world.

So, Come along for the ride — you and your horse will be glad that you did!

Watch a preview:

Hurry Up to Slow Down with Tom Curtin 8:30
Tom Curtin offers some suggestions on how you can help your horse learn to put more effort into slowing down and stopping. By bringing the life up in the horse before the transition you can help him remain engaged as you slow the gait down. Rider awareness is key to having a great transition.

The Light Seat with Wendy Murdoch 5:30
Sometimes when you are out riding on the trail you might need to come up out of the saddle to hop over a log or ride up a hill. Wendy Murdoch offers some tips on how to come up into a light seat to make things comfortable for your horse while remaining safe and secure for you.

Meet You At The Gate with David Hillman 17:30
Being physically organized to catch your horse helps the catching process go more smoothly. David Hillman demonstrates how he gets organized to catch a horse. He also shares some great insights on developing your relationship with your horse so that he looks forward to being caught and meet you at the gate when you are ready to catch him.

Moving to the Hackamore with Jim Hicks 47:30
If a horse is well prepared a transition from a snaffle to the hackamore should be a simple event. In this segment Jim Hicks offers some suggestions on making that change be a smooth one. He discusses how to revisit the foundation of training to help the horse understand the new gear while avoiding the all-to-human tendency to tinker with a new piece of equipment.

The Importance of Rider Position with Amelia Newcomb 21:30
Correct position means that you are in balance with your horse and you are able to move with him. Amelia Newcomb breaks down basic rider position and discusses the why’s of good rider position. She shows common rider mistakes and demonstrates how they can cause problems in the saddle.