Being Prepared to Catch Your Horse with David Hillman

From Issue No.38 Being physically organized to catch your horse helps the catching process go more smoothly. David Hillman demonstrates how he gets organized to catch a horse. He also shares some great insights on developing your relationship with your horse so that he looks forward to being caught and meet you at the gate […]

Work in Hand on the Long Lines

From Issue No.81 I was extremely fortunate to grow up with both saddle horses and big ‘ol draft horse teams. Sitting up behind the collar and hanging on to the hames as my brothers walked the draft horses back from helping to feed off the morning hay to the cows was always a great pleasure. […]

Make Sure You Get the Drift with Buck Brannaman

Photos by Emily Kitching This article originally appeared in issue No. 106 Editor’s Note: At a clinic when a troubled spot surfaces it’s a fantastic opportunity to explore what is causing an issue and how addressing the symptoms might not only help a particular horse and rider but also further clarify everyone’s understanding of a […]

Lateral Groundwork with Jim Hicks

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 32 This segment stems from Jim being asked in clinics how to help a horse begin to learn lateral movement from the ground. He demonstrates how you can develop the feel of and for your horse when asking him to move laterally. You will truly appreciate just how […]

Basic Groundwork with Paul Dietz

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 20 Paul Dietz demonstrates groundwork with a young mare and the six basic maneuvers that he works on on the ground; moving the hindquarters left and right, the front quarters left and right, moving forward and moving back. Watch the mare make some nice changes over the course […]

Helping an Unsure Horse with Trevor Carter

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 19 We have all had the experience of riding a horse in a place where he is unsure, or encounter things during a ride that he might be afraid of. Trevor Carter demonstrates some useful strategies to help build your horse’s confidence and ways to monitor whether you […]

Before You Slip Into Your Slicker

This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No. 20 So much of groundwork is not only about preparing your horse, but helping you to be able to see when things don’t look right before you get on. If you can see the trouble and work through it, you can stay safer. If it’s summer and it’s […]

How Groundwork Relates to Riding

Written by Mindy Bower Editor’s Note: In the series that ran in several issues Mindy Bower discussed how groundwork relates to riding. This first piece is an overview of basic concepts and maneuvers. In the articles that followed, Mindy discussed specific trouble areas in specific horses and how these related to how the horse operates […]

Creating the Drift

Written by Martin Black This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.71 There is a lot of attention given to disengaging the hindquarters. Different terminology related to it, different purposes, objectives, and so on. Most of the hype though seems to center around getting control of the younger horses, at least in my travels, […]

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