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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.24 – Fall 2015

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In this issue you will learn:   Some exercises to prepare to canter your horse, trailer loading suggestions,  a tail lifting exercise,  how to move the front quarters, and some groundwork exercises for kids.  Brimming with high quality instruction this DVD is like having some of  the most talented horsemen today hold a private clinic for you and your horses.

• Tail Lifting Exercise with Amy LeSatz 7:36 
A helpful piece in any pre-ride check would be to see how a horse is about handling his tail. Amy LeSatz demonstrates how you can assess how tight a horse is and help him relax with a little help.

• Moving the Front Quarters with Buster McLaury 5:53
There is a lot of focus on learning to move the hind quarters of a horse properly. Buster McLaury spends some time explaining why you need to have solid control over the front end of your horse, and how to achieve that goal.

• Trailer Loading Suggestiwith Bryan Neubert 24:32
Teaching any horse to load into a trailer can be intimidating; especially if the horse isn’t very well halter broke, or had much experience on the end of a lead  rope. Bryan Neubert demonstrates how to get a horse ready to load in the trailer and shows just how easy the loading part is once the horse is ready.

• Prepare to Canter Exercises Part #1 with Trevor Carter 11:09
For some riders the transition to the canter or lope can be a terrifying one. Even if the horse behaves perfectly the speed and new motion can be intimidating. Trevor Carter shows you some ways that you can set up the transition so that you can build both physical and emotional confidence in the transition.

• Groundwork Simplified for Kids (and adults) Part 1 with Johanna Redmond 30:17
Anyone who has worked on their groundwork can relate to feeling overwhelmed by it. The balancing of moving feet, hands, watching expression; it’s all a bit overwhelming. Johanna Redmond takes a handful of her young students through their pre-ride groundwork paces, focusing on safety as well as fun.

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2 reviews for The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.24 – Fall 2015

  1. Elizabeth Alexander

    I bought this DVD to “try out” the Gazette and was not disappointed. I use what I learned on the Gazette each time I trailer my horses, and continue to practice the other techniques on the DVD as well. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner. I really like being able to stop and rewind as needed so I can fully understand what I’m learning. Just like Eclectic Horseman, The Horseman’s Gazette is a wonderful tool and valuable resource. I will continue to purchase both products so I can grow in my horsemanship.

  2. John Toli

    My wife and I signed up fo a Buster McLaury Clinic. I knew about the Gazettes but had not bought one yet. I bought one of the Buster McLaury issues along with a few other Gazettes to watch his teaching style. They were better than expected!!!! They were just like being one on one at a clinic!! What you see on the Gazette is EXACTLY what you will see in person. No ads….no filler…..just great easy to understand information form the best of the best. We will continue to build out Gazette library here at our farm. The Eclectic Horseman Magazine and Gazettes are a need for the true horseman.

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