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The Pocket Guide to Equine Knots

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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Most Important Knots for Horse and Rider by Dan Aadland Practical knots for every barn, stable, and corral.

As anyone who has ever stepped foot into a barn knows well, riding, handling, and caring for a horse is no easy task. Learning how to correctly tie knots can make things easier, but with more than four thousand different types of knots out there, the choices can be overwhelming. Experienced trainer and breeder Dan Aadland is here to help with The Pocket Guide to Equine Knots, a compact guidebook filled with only the most useful and practical knots for dealing with horses. Here, you’ll learn to recognize a “good” knot—a knot that holds but can be untied after pressure. You’ll look into the world of hitches (systems for packing items onto a horse) and splices (useful ways of joining ropes and creating loops). And you’ll learn step-by-step how to properly tie dozens of different knots, including:

Square knot
And many more

So whether you’re an experienced rider or you’re about to head out on the trail for the first time, The Pocket Guide to Equine Knots is guaranteed to help you as you ride off towards your next adventure.

Softcover, 208 pages.

14 reviews for The Pocket Guide to Equine Knots

  1. Sandy Mckay (verified owner)

    This book has many very useful knots. The format is very user friendly with illustrations and drawings of the knots in the upper corners of the pages so you can find a particular knot easily. I especially like the illustration of how NOT to tie a rope halter. The small size of the book makes it very handy to carry around for that time when you know there is a knot out there for your purpose but you cannot remember how to tie it. I am really happy that I purchased this book!

  2. Karen Deck

    This is a great guide especially for people like me that find knots to be an enigma! I love the size which makes it handy to keep nearby.

  3. quincykoehn

    FIVE STAR*****
    I ordered this book because I wanted to learn how to tie different knots and especially how to tie my horse without a hard-to-undo knot. I’m very glad I got this book. It’s very easy to understand and has a great price tag. Thank-you

  4. giuqsmaet (verified owner)

    Fantastic little book, so handy. A great one to entertain the kids as well as being practical.

  5. heavensent0598

    This is a super handy little book for any equestrian! It is a great size to keep in a convenient place in the trailer so you can review your knot tying on the go. The directions and pictures make learning these knots a breeze and they give a great description on the uses of these knots as well. Another great part of this pocket guide is the glossary and area for note taking. If you are sick of your horse untying itself at the hitching post or need to prepare for a packtrip and don’t want to look like a “noob” this book will come in handy!!

  6. sonnypoco2

    Nice little book. I was hoping to find th bank robber knot in there but lots of other knots to try.

  7. kkcowgirl

    This is a hardy little book! Great to throw in your horse trailer or tote around in a coat pocket or pair of saddlebags, and have at hand when needed. Weather resistant, easy to follow instructions. A great resource for most of the knots you’ll need.

  8. ljojohnson123

    Fabulous book with simple to follow steps. Makes learning to tie knots quick and easy. Would make a great gift for any horseman or anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

  9. fargosmom1 (verified owner)

    Perfect size, and a fantastic resource. I’m hopeless with knots and my boyscout husband despairs of teaching me. With this guide I now feel like I can tie my horse safely and know he won’t get loose. Hooray!

  10. rlanderson

    Great book, my husband loves it and is teaching our grandson to tie the knots with it. This is really a helpful, useful book.

  11. suz_shop (verified owner)

    A very handy book to keep around. Good pictures and a nice size. Good explanations of how and when to use specific knots.

  12. marika.saarinen

    Wonderful book with great pictures I am able to follow. I have learned so many knots from this book that I now can’t live without. I take a knot and practice it most days until I can’t forget it, and this book will show you how to do that!

  13. marion.wheaton

    Handy book to have around. Easy to follow directions even for those that struggle with knots!

  14. Paula Zima

    This is a delightful book to have around. It’s written in a way that tells
    a story as it goes along, explaining why certain knots are used and when.
    There are great photos showing the steps to tying them, uses of the
    variations, and lots of wisdom about it all along the way.

    I love knots, in ropes, not minds. This little book has set me straight
    on a few things, such as the tiny detail I’d forgotten that has kept my bowlines from being fail-proof over the years.

    Dan Aadland’s book has useful knots for anything having to do with
    horses, from backyard to stable to packing in the mountains.
    They aren’t all the knots that exist, just the ones you may need.

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