How Groundwork Relates to Riding

Written by Mindy Bower Editor’s Note: In the series that ran in several issues Mindy Bower discussed how groundwork relates to riding. This first piece is an overview of basic concepts and maneuvers. In the articles that followed, Mindy discussed specific trouble areas in specific horses and how these related to how the horse operates […]

Signs of Sickness – How to read your horse’s behavior

Written by Sue Stuska, Ed.D. This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.10 We’re striving to become more sensitive to our horses while we work with them on the ground and while we’re riding. Some horse behaviors, reactions and conditions relate to their physical well-being. Health awareness also becomes more refined with our knowledge […]

Ground Games for Kids – Turning serious horsemanship into kid-sized fun

Written by Sylvana Smith For her 12th birthday a few years ago, a young friend received the gift of which most little girls dream: a dainty, pretty 15-hand filly. Her non-horsey mother had chosen the green-broke 3-year-old as the perfect gift because the filly “had the prettiest little face.” I might deem other qualities more […]

The Definition of “On the Bit”

Written by Dr. Max Gahwyler and Bettina Drummond There is no other statement used so often in Dressage riding as the horse should accept the bit, be on the bit, etc. And very often when you go to clinics or shows, it’s the predominant preoccupation of riders, trainers and, unfortunately, often also the judges. It […]

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