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The Making of a Bridle Horse Series with Buck Brannaman

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In the tradition of fine horsemanship, Buck Brannaman presents his DVD series, The Making Of A Bridle Horse. Now for the first time, the traditional four-step technique is completely explained and demonstrated in Buck’s easy going, visual style in this four part, three DVD series. Buy all three DVDs as a complete educational set.

Part 1: The Snaffle Bit starts from the first ride. You’ll learn the ways of the snaffle and “the soft feel” while applying them to the walk, trot and lope. Buck will even help you with your roping. This tape is a must for any riding discipline.

Part 2: The Hackamore takes you and your horse on to the next step in your schooling. You’ll learn how to use the horsehair mecate and move your horse through all gates in the elegant, braided hackamore (bosal) working towards a total communication with the lightest commands.

Part 3:The Two-Rein & The Bridle is the final of this three part series featuring Buck and the process of taking you and your horse through the next two steps – into the two-rein and then, and ultimately, into the bridle. Stress is placed on the proper gear as one progresses on. From bits to tying the bosalita, Buck shows you step-by-step, the ways of classic vaquero horsemanship. A true one-of-a-kind classic.


2 reviews for The Making of a Bridle Horse Series with Buck Brannaman

  1. Tobiasjohnson (verified owner)

    Covers many details, including equipment, bridling, and tying the hackamore, as well as thoughts, guidelines, and particular exercises. Buck rides two or more horses on each DVD, showing less advanced and more advanced horses and maneuvers at different stages of development. Very practical and will hold up to re-watching. A great general introduction as well as a reference point if you get lost while training your horse (or yourself).

  2. kkcowgirl

    I bought this set to help me as I progress through working my filly from groundwork to saddle to snaffle, which is where we are at now, then on to hackamore, and two rein, and hopefully eventually bridle horse. This set is a wealth of information, and even though we are only in the snaffle stage at this point, I have viewed all of these dvd’s multiple times. Good instruction, and where before I was a little lost on these refinements, these dvds give me hope on what my filly and I might achieve together. Some guidance on tack as well. These are great companions to the Groundwork dvd and book set, and “The First Ride” dvd. Enjoying the journey!

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