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The Making of the Bridle Horse Part 3 with Buck Brannaman

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Synopsis: Making of a Bridle Horse- Buck Brannaman

The last DVD explains the equipment, bridling and handling of the bridle in this final stage of Buck Brannaman’s series. The DVD goes into detail about how to ride a bridled horse using the same fundamental tactics in the first videdo to help the horse in it’s transition. Once you have become familiar with the exercises, Buck uses them when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the bridle when roping and working the horse with stock.

2 reviews for The Making of the Bridle Horse Part 3 with Buck Brannaman

  1. kowboykjb

    This DVD is a tiny tip of the iceberg to what makes a great bridle horse. It can be helpful if you are just getting started in the process and want some ideas on how to fit your horse up to the gear. Also showing you a few exercises to practice in the arena to get going. There is way more to making a bridle horse than just this video, but it is a start. Keeping your horse mentally and physically fit to handle to riggers and situations of everyday work while operating lightly in a bridle is the truly difficult part. Nice to see another way to doctor a yearling by yourself.

  2. horsemanrhett

    Very informative video if you are really dedicated enough to ever get to this point. Very complex ideas discussed in handling a horse in the two rein phase. No nonsense knowledge delivered in true Buck fashion. Worth purchasing if you are wanting the knowledge

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