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Groundwork: The Key to a Solid Foundation Discs 5-9 With Brent Graef

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5 DVD Set includes Disc 5 – 9 of Brent’s Groundwork Series:

• Working with a Flag (Includes instruction on getting your horse to pick you up off the fence)
• Unwinding
• The Power of Touch
• Rolling the Jaw (and lateral flexion)
• Hindquarters Over, Forehand Through (Includes a Yearlings first tying lesson)
• The Effectiveness of Leg Aids Through Groundwork
• Bringing it All Together

Almost 7 hours of footage!

This video series contains actual clinic footage of Brent working with students’ horses. Brent gives clear, practical advice to elevate your ground skills which improves trust, understanding, suppleness, and balance, and directly relates to your ride. No fluff, gimmicks or tricks.

In this comprehensive video series, Brent goes from one student to the next guiding them through the maze of communicating with horses in a calm, respectful, and effective manner.

7 reviews for Groundwork: The Key to a Solid Foundation Discs 5-9 With Brent Graef

  1. lar1082

    The Dvd’s have been so helpful for me over the years. I refer back to them time and time again. If I get “stuck” with one of my horses I go back and re watch and get help that way. I have been fortunate to be able attend several of Brent’s clinics. The Dvd’s are a great bridge to close the learning gap between the yearly clinics.Three of my favorites are The Power of Touch, Rolling the Jaw,and Working with a flag.

  2. samadler10100

    I purchased this video on the advice of a friend, and I was not disappointed. I love these discs! I recommend them to everyone.

  3. laurenkryder

    Brent’s unique ability to teach both horse and rider really stand out in these excellent DVDs. The information packed into these disks is amazing, and I learn so much everytime I watch them. Each component of each exercise is broken down and explained in great detail- how to do the exercise, why the exercise is important and what the effect is on the horse and rider. Also, the audio and video footage is really good quality and nothing is hard to understand. Definitely a worthy investment and one to have on your shelf!

  4. suz_shop

    Brent’s groundwork dvds take the time to break down and explain all aspects of ground work. Not just for starting a young horse, but refining and advancing a going horse.

    His focus on helping the horse build core strength, balance and staying mentally relaxed provide for a solid foundation to any further work you want to pursue!

    These DVDs will help you refine your feel and develop a real communication/partnership with your horse. They bridge the gap between the technical “how to” aspects of learning various groundwork exercises and establishing a true feel in your work.

  5. gemfox

    This second series of dvds by Brent Graef continues looking at different aspects of groundwork that will really help improve your relationship with horses and make the riding even better too. If I could only recommend one series to help someone get started on or improve groundwork with their horse, the nine discs that Brent and Kris Graef put out would be ones I’d tell them.

  6. kmmontgomery (verified owner)

    After getting Brent’s dvd’s 1-4 and learning so much from them, we purchased this set of dvds. Brent’s teachings in this set was extremely informative and his kindness and gentle nature is incredibly contagious. I found his teachings from how to touch your horse to rolling the jaw to flag work as filling in the gaps of knowledge with important details. There are many instances that I thought “I wonder if that is what that clinician meant when they said that at the clinic 5 years ago”. Brent Graef’s teaching style made it really easy for me to understand just how deep I could take my relationship with my horses. Because of watching his dvds, we are traveling to one of his 3 day clinics this weekend.

  7. Ali Pullin

    This is the 2nd part of Brents groundwork series and it is fantastic.

    Each category has been broken down and gone into at length, so that you not only understand the exercise but also why it is important and what exactly it is you are looking for.

    The quality of the video is very high again, with use of slow motion and subtitles to make sure you understand what is being shown.

    If you are looking for a training video to teach you all parts of what go into putting a solid foundation on a horse, then this is the video series you want!

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