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Trailer Loading & Problem Solving with Buck Brannaman

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In this DVD Buck Brannaman shares his common-sense approach to trailer loading and offers brief tips and solutions for common problems on the ground. Such topics include: horses that are difficult to bridle, horses that won’t stand still to mount, horses that have trouble with the farrier and horses with a tendency to nip, bite, or rub on their owners.

Buck’s trailer-loading program is crafted from the horse’s point of view and as he puts it, “how the horse might make the rules if they could.” Trailer loading really comes down to halter breaking. Buck discusses the ingredients and basic groundwork skills necessary to prepare a horse. He then demonstrates just how smooth this process can be by guiding a green two-year-old filly through her first trailer loading experience. He begins first by using a halter and lead line, then with a simple lariat rope around the throatlatch and finally on a loose neck rope. In a remarkably short period of time, this filly is close to loading by herself. Throughout the process Buck is aware of any potential signs of trouble. Does your horse step inside the trailer with the sane foot each time? Will he stand with a foot cocked and hindquarters relaxed? Is his tail tight? These are often-missed signs of tension in a horse. They must learn not only how to get onto the trailer, but also how to relax and be comfortable while inside. Unloading should be equally as uneventful and here Buck demonstrates how to teach a horse to back out using a feel on the tail.

Trailer loading is an exercise in directing the horse’s mind. Therefore be aware of where your horse’s thoughts are – if they’re wandering, his feet are likely to wander. So while it is important that you can liven your horse’s feet, it’s more important that you can direct his mind with straightness and accuracy.

1 review for Trailer Loading & Problem Solving with Buck Brannaman

  1. LynnDee Ronlov

    Buck once again comes through with such sound advice that has truly helped my little mare and I.
    Trail loading has been such a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember… watch Buck’s
    DVD and practice, practice, practice! Our success together at loading has brought back so much joy!
    The dreaded trailer loading days are over! THANK YOU BUCK!

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