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The Making of a Bridle Horse Part 1 with Buck Brannaman

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Part one covers the use of the snaffle bit. You will learn the ways of the snaffle and the “soft feel” while applying them to the walk, trot and lope. Buck will even help you with your roping. This tape is a must for any riding discipline.

Synopsis: The Making of a Bridle Horse-Buck Brannaman

The first tape of Buck Brannaman’s series in the Making of a Bridle Horse is a superb teaching aid in taking a horse from a snaffle all the way to a bridle. From his set guide lines, Buck moves his audience through basic maneuvers one can do when riding a horse in a snaffle. These maneuvers include instruction in:

• one-rein stop

• backing

• backing a circle

• serpentines

• soft feel at the walk and trot

• exercises in loping

• working outside

• roping

Buck’s sense of confidence in the horse makes his techniques and instruction very manageable for the beginner rider. His DVD masters lighting and sound, resulting in a perfect performance of both horse and rider.

4 reviews for The Making of a Bridle Horse Part 1 with Buck Brannaman

  1. Janelle Smalley

    There was, as always with Buck so much information in this DVD that it would be hard to put a value on it. Until this DVD and listening to Buck talk about making a bridle horse in person I was really clueless. Small details about softness in the snaffle I know helped give me better hands. I’ve watched this dvd more than once and each time I found more details. The value of serpentines detailed in this dvd really stuck with me too. Great asset to any dvd library!

  2. jembonita (verified owner)

    I bought this DVD because I was thinking my mare is about ready to go from the snaffle to the hackamore. Definitely a worthwhile purchase! I can see that the exercises Buck presents are going to be taking up a fair amount of my time this winter (please! just keep bare ground as long as possible, OK Mother Nature?). Next spring, I think we’ll be better prepared to take up the hackamore, after practicing the exercises in this DVD and watching the Part 2 of this series over the winter.

  3. Traildrive

    An outstanding explanation of the step step processes in developing a bridle horse. I particularly enjoy hearing the checklist that should be completed before moving ahead to the next step. Following this process step/by/step reduces the number of holes that develop in your horses training as you move forward. An outstanding tool !

  4. giuqsmaet (verified owner)

    Great instruction, very clear, wish I had bought this DVD sooner. Not only did I find Buck’s instruction invaluable an added bonus was my cat was very entertained by the tying up of the mecate instruction he just couldn’t darn well work out where the end of that rope was.
    On another note I ordered this DVD on the 9th of June. I live in NZ and received it on the 16th that is amazing service, thank-you.

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