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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.32 – Fall 2017

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Product Description

In this issue you will learn about an historical cattle handling tool, ways to introduce lateral work on the ground, a fun exercise with poles, strategies for riding outside and ways to release tension in your shoulders. Brimming with high quality instruction this DVD is like having some of the most talented horsemen today hold a private clinic for you and your horses.

Runtime 2 hours.

Introduction to the Garrocha with Alice Trindle (27:49)
In this segment you will begin to understand the traditions of the Garrocha, an historical cattle handling tool from Spain and how it can benefit you and your horsemanship. Alice Trindle walks you through her experience with the Garrocha and how she would prepare on foot before riding. She will teach you basic handling techniques and how to feel the balance of the pole before stepping into the saddle.

Lateral Groundwork with Jim Hicks (30:09)
This segment stems from Jim being asked in clinics how to help a horse begin to learn lateral movement from the ground. He demonstrates how you can develop the feel of and for your horse when asking him to move laterally. You will truly appreciate just how light your horse can be when you can find the balance between the font quarters, the hind quarters and the nose. While not everyone has access to, or experience with, long-lining, these additions to your groundwork are easy to incorporate.

The Circle Exercise with Johanna Redmond (14:09)
In the last issue Johanna demonstrated how working over ground poles can help with your horse’s timing and show areas where you might need some extra work. In this issue she uses poles arranged in a circle to create a challenge. You can use the circle to work at a trot and canter; on a loose rein and with contact as a great way to develop consistent circles and see where your horse is, in relation to your aids.

Riding Outside Part 2 with Paul Dietz (18:47)
Taking a young horse outside of the arena for the first few rides can be intimating for many riders. In the last issue Paul demonstrated how he would prepare in the arena first and then ways to help an insecure horse gain confidence outside. In this segment, he takes the horse through some areas of tight brush and rock formations where she becomes a bit more agitated. Again, he shows how he would ride a horse through these tight spots and help her find comfort and confidence. Once she feels better he finds a little job to do, in this case moving a small group of cattle.

Releasing Rider Tension Part 2 with Wendy Murdoch (15:28)
When asked by a riding instructor to “sit up straight” most riders will hollow their back and pull their chest and shoulders back, adding tension and not achieving the position they are truly looking for. Wendy Murdoch helps a student rider find good position, being open in the upper body without stressing the neck or back.

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