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Ray Hunt Colt Starting Series

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Product Description

You’ll see this master horseman interact naturally with young horses, without gimmicks or abuse. You’ll experience and begin to understand the mental togetherness that eliminates forcing and leads a horse to learn to accept your ideas as his ideas. Ray Hunt’s attitude and philosophy about the horse and its relationship to its rider, combined with his techniques that have been refined over 30 years with thousands of colts, can be one of the #1 influences of your lifetime with horses.

The Man
Ray Hunt started more than 10,000 colts. For more than 30 years he gave educational clinics throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Here Ray shares techniques and philosophy that apply to all riding disciplines. And here, in just a few days, colts get the best possible start to a lifelong relationship with riders. As Ray often mentions to folks “I’m here for the horse—to help him get a better deal”. Spend three days with America’s most effective horseman as he starts four previously unridden colts. The Ray Hunt Colt Starting Clinic you always wanted to attend — Ray himself working with the colts from the ground!

The Contents
More than 5 hours of hands – on instruction contained on 2 DVDs

These DVDs contain material and instruction rarely seen by any but Ray’s personal friends. Here Ray works with colts at a depth not often seen in any horse training videotape. A major lesson to learn from Ray Hunt is that the beginning is not only the most interesting, but he most important part of a horse’s education. Here you’ll see all four colts achieve important “firsts” – first saddling, first bridling, first ride, first group ride, and on to beginning training exercises. This is what sets up a horse’s career for success, no matter what breed or discipline. An important and unusual aspect of this video series is that it is presented almost in real time. Instead of just showing “before” and “after”, leaving out what (and how long) it might take to achieve various training mileposts, what you see is what actually happened. Or as Ray would put it, you’ll get to see — what happened before what happened, happened. All sequences were photographed using broadcast-quality cameras. Real-time duplication was used (SP mode) to preserve fidelity and to give long-lasting quality training tapes that you can enjoy over and over again.

6 reviews for Ray Hunt Colt Starting Series

  1. greg (verified owner)

    I had the privilege of starting a 2-year-old at a Ray Hunt clinic 19 years ago. These videos are the next best thing to attending a clinic in person. You don’t have to watch all of them at once, and you can go back and get more out of each episode every time you watch. As the description says, there is very little editing, so you get to see what really happens. I would recommend these for any level horseman.

  2. Deb G.,IL,USA

    This is the sort of DVD you can’t watch too many times! I learn something everytime I watch it, there is so much information and just watching how Ray worked with the colts and the people. Get a chance to see the differences in the horses personalities and how he handles each one and instructs each rider. Even if you are not going to start a colt there is just so much to learn by how improtant the timing and feel is and to be patient and not rush. I hope to take this information and use it on my trail horses.

  3. shayloralley

    A must have! If nothing else to remind us of the ways Ray did things. As a way of continuing ones education, this is a great series to see subtle ways of thinking and getting things done.
    For me, it was a reminder of things I forgot, or heard but never learned to pay attention to. I also find that as I have watched it over again and again through a decade or so, I notice things unspoken that make sense to me as I’ve gotten better.
    It is also at times a sad reminder of how much I’ll never know as some knowledge always disappears with a master.
    I would recommend this for anyone interested in horsemanship, whether starting colts or not.

  4. ropermann

    Excellent instruction! I started my first horse an 8 year old mustang mare, using Ray Hunt’s instruction. On the 16th ride I put a inexperienced rider with no problems whatsoever.

  5. Robin Green

    This is one of my favorite colt starting DVDs. Ray Hunt has a very special way about him with horses. There’s not a lot of useless jibber jabber & such with Mr. Hunt. Make no mistake about it, he’s all about giving the horse a good deal. There are a lot of horses who need the touch of a horse-master like Mr. Hunt. He notices what bothers each horse & addresses it. How to help the horse not be so bothered by it. If I were a horse, I’d hope to belong to someone like Ray Hunt. He’s at ease with this work but he explains what he’s doing well. I enjoy this dvd. I’m long past the point of doing colt starting (at least until I meet a colt that I can’t keep my hands off of) but I still watch this dvd every so often because I always learn something from Ray Hunt. Some little something that I missed.

    I would recommend this dvd for colt starters but also for anyone who wants to simply learn more about reading a horse, understanding them, learning how to help them so they don’t get worse or so that you don’t bypass a lesson the horse really needs, etc… This is an excellent dvd for horsemen… period :) I love it.

  6. savagliofam (verified owner)

    Bought for my husband, whom is largely a self-taught horse trainer, specializing in starting colts. He is always looking for new approaches to training with a strong emphasis on good horsemanship, and he enjoyed watching these videos. It is great that Mr. Hunt is working with the horses in real time, with no editing, so you know exactly how long each step takes. He does a great job of talking through what he is doing and why. The sound quality is pretty darn decent, despite these being older recordings. Myself being very green about working with horses was also able to pick up some tips, although I don’t plan on starting my own anytime soon (but I maybe could if I took the time to study these DVDs and work on my timing with our older horses).

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