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Wild Horse Handling with Bryan Neubert

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This two hour DVD shows Bryan communicating with a young, wild horse fresh off the Nevada range. He demonstrates basic horse handling principles that can be applied to any horse. Watching this DVD will be a valuable learning experience for all horsemen.

Through the DVD, the colt becomes trusting and confident as Bryan demonstrates how he catches, halters, handles the feet, leads and mounts this wild horse for the first time. You will see each step develop, building a solid foundation for the rest of this young horse’s life.

2 reviews for Wild Horse Handling with Bryan Neubert

  1. cyril.cambien (verified owner)

    The shooting is quite old and the video quality is not very good, but Bryan Neubert is doing here an impressive work. I watched the video several times and I’ve learned many things that helped me to improve my own work with horses.
    Even if you don’t have the opportunity to handle wild horses, I’ll recommend this DVD as you will learn a lot from it.
    I’m looking forward the opportunity to work with mustangs and I thought I can get a little help with this DVD. However, what I learn here is already useful with everyday horses.

  2. Nona Perez

    I got this video (in VHS format) many years ago, when I had two young, very wild fillies. I had a chance encounter with Bill Dorrance, and during our visit, he told me Bryan Neubert was the best he’d seen with the wild ones. This video shows Bryan working with and gaining the trust of a fresh off the range mustang. His calmness in the face of the horse’s insecurities is a testament to his skill and experience and demonstrates the importance of honoring the horse’s need for self preservation. The 4 stars, rather than five, is because the filming is done in a less than perfect lighting situation, with some dark scenes due to bright backlighting. The information shared, however, is invaluable.

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