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Willing Partners (Paperback)

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“There are a million different ways to work a horse. For me, there’s only one right way: to work from where the horse is at.” This comment says much about Peter Campbell’s approach to horsemanship. A rarity among today’s crowded field of horsemanship clinicians, Peter doesn’t concern himself with paint-by-numbers methods or pre-programmed step-by-step instruction. Instead, he treats each horse as an individual with unique needs, and views horsemanship as an ongoing personal journey, one that can change the way a rider sees the world.

In his new book, Peter, one of North America’s most influential horsemen and horsemanship educators, shares with readers his lifelong journey with horses – an experience guided by mentors that have included icons such as Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt – and offers his insight on such topics as colt starting, bridle-horse progression, and cow work, three of the greatest challenges riders face.

In straightforward, down-to-earth language, Campbell equips riders with the knowledge they need to achieve meaningful progress with their horses, along the way inspiring confidence and dispelling common myths about horse-handling. 90-page paperback.

3 reviews for Willing Partners (Paperback)

  1. onlyardenn (verified owner)

    a lovely book written by a deeply insightful man who will be missed for a long time

    i saw him work at a legacy of legends and this book reflects exactly what i saw and heard from him

    patience and empathy win in the end

  2. lazykw (verified owner)

    Totally awesome easy to read book- written as if he was talking to you directly. This book has eight short chapters all starting with one of Peter’s thought provoking quotes- each chapter is filled with his life experiences, philosophies, and packed with much knowledge and detailed explanations. He provides invaluable and understandable information on colt starting, bridle horse progression, and working with cows. The book’s photograph section is a special bonus showing Peter with his beloved horses, mentors, and friends. He was an exceptional horseman and advocate for the horse, and this book is filled with his spirit and beliefs.

  3. whitney2007

    I really enjoyed this book and getting to know more about Peter! I discovered him through Facebook and was so sad to hear of his passing. He really had a special gift and I enjoyed learning more about him and his horsemanship.

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