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7 CLINICS with Buck Brannaman – DVDs 5, 6, & 7: Words of Wisdom

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7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman: Set Three Discs 5, 6 & 7: Lessons on Horseback, Problem-Solving, Words of Wisdom Buck Brannaman and Cedar Creek Productions

“The biggest challenge in creating the documentary BUCK was taking over 300 hours of footage and cutting it down to 88 minutes,” says filmmaker Cindy Meehl. “We still hear audiences saying they didn’t want the film to end—they want more Buck!”

Introducing 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, a series of seven DVDs featuring over 10 hours of instructional footage collected during the making of the award-winning film.

In Discs 5, 6, & 7, viewers travel to several clinics to learn more lessons on horseback—such as turn-on-the-haunches, transitions, jumping, and finding the feel—as well as ways to solve problems, including crowding, biting, striking, fidgeting, rushing, anxiousness and sensitivity, and bad attitudes. The series ends with Buck’s best advice, tips, and ideas about working with, riding, and training horses, as he best tells it—forthright, honest, and with the integrity the world has come to expect of one of the finest horsemen of our time.

3 DVDs • 237 minutes
These DVDS are “All Region” so will be playable in all countries.

Buck Brannaman travels extensively throughout the country and the world each year, teaching an approach to training and riding horses that he learned from spending years as a student of the renowned horsemen Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. His natural horsemanship approach benefits all levels and types of riders, and has inspired and revolutionized the equestrian world. Due to the success of the highly acclaimed 2011 documentary BUCK, a new awareness of his methodology has extended the reach of his wisdom far into the mainstream (brannaman.com).

Cindy Meehl met Buck Brannaman at one of his horsemanship clinics in 2003. She founded Cedar Creek Productions, LLC, in 2008 in order to make the feature documentary film BUCK, which has been hailed by audiences and critics around the world. Meehl lives in Connecticut with her husband, writer Brian Meehl, two daughters, four dogs, and two horses (cedarcreekmedia.com).

Buck on Getting to the Feet – INTRO DISC 5

Director Cindy Meehl’s Introduction about the DVD Series

5 reviews for 7 CLINICS with Buck Brannaman – DVDs 5, 6, & 7: Words of Wisdom

  1. image3875

    I have watched these dvds SO many times that I can just about speak the words at the same time as Buck, and his students, yet I know I will watch them again and again. Buck Brannaman has changed my horses’ and my lives. Quite literally. I actually went through a stage of about a year where I automatically put one on with a timer so that I could go to sleep, listening to them, (hoping to subliminally absorb even more – I am THAT greedy for this information to truly embed) Now I just revisit them from time to time, but one of my trainers, and I categorise our horse lives as PB (Pre Buck) and AB…..you get the drift.
    Seriously hands down, BEST investment in my communication with horses (and people to a degree) I’ve ever made!

  2. semcatee

    I love the dvds I have learned alot

  3. jaimebrown2012

    I watch these over and over again. I hear something new every time. I do my best to implement his teachings and now have the best partnership with my horses I have ever had. People frequently comment on how well behaved they are. This was a game changer for me. Buck says, what would it beike to not have fear? I tell you, it’s awesome to not be afraid…

  4. thewylowes

    This is a great series with a ton of valuable information!

  5. Jodie Davis

    I have spent hours upon hours watching these videos since I bought them soon after they came out. Just watching Buck improves me feel and timing tremendously. And the light bulbs keep going off. Buy the entire series. You’ll become a better horseman and human.

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