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Twelve Mile Road by Dave Stamey


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Twelve Mile Road

"They call it Twelve Mile Road now. Back when I was a kid in Yellowstone County, Montana, it didn’t have a name; just a gravel section-line road with fields of feed corn on one side and our little hay and cattle operation on the other. I came back forty years later and discovered someone had named it, and put up a road sign, just like they do in town. I guess that’s what happens if you live long enough.

"There are plenty of cowboy songs that glorify riding for the big outfits, but you hardly ever hear about the small ranchers on the starvation places scattered all over the west, ranchers who seem to get by on guts and stubbornness and damn little else. “Out where lives are held together with sweat and baling twine.” There are still thousands of them out there; we meet them on our travels along the road, in little communities like Cedarville, California and Burns, Oregon and Tropic, Utah–countless other places. Hanging onto the dream. I thought they deserved a song of their own, so I wrote one. “Twelve Mile Road” will be the title track of the new CD."

From Dave Stamey

Track List:
1. Twelve Mile Road
2. Blackjack Was a Mule
3. Buckskin Horse
4. All I Need Is You
5. Song For Jake
6. If I Had Money
7. Never Gonna Rain
8. Sage In Her Hair
9. Bubba and the Goat
10. Wild Sierra
11. Comfortable Shoes
12. Sweet Grass County Line


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