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Good Dog


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Dave Stamey has made it his life’s work to celebrate the rural American west. In the past two decades he has recorded eleven albums of original music, travelled literally hundreds of thousands of miles and performed thousands of shows doing just that. He lives in the farthest north-eastern corner of Tulare County, California, and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains begin just outside his back door.

1. Andy Devine 4:08
2. Good Dog 3:10
3. Great Wide Open 3:26
4. Old Sierra Nevada 3:44
5. Just Like the Wind 2:58
6. Madam Zarelda 3:26
7. Tale of the West 3:07
8. Quality Wine 2:41
9. Ornery Old Woman 5:46
10. Molly’s Well 3:43
11. Where Have All the Horses Gone 3:47
12. If the Morning Comes 4:43